POLAR presents a global innovation - the EasyLoad

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

At the PACE Days POLAR presented the innovative EasyLoad 7S loading aid. This new product is an addition to the jogging portfolio and bridges the gap between manual and automatic jogging. EasyLoad is the ergonomic and also inexpensive solution for preparing jogged cutting reams. 

POLAR developed the EasyLoad loading aid in collaboration with a Japanese customer  who has been using the loading aid in production with great success for some time. Japan is famous for its high quality standards. For this reason the customer made a conscious decision not to use an automatic jogging system, but was keen to make life easier for operators when they load the joggers. The concept for this loading aid was the result.

EasyLoad relieves the operator's workload

Anyone who has processed material with a format of 126 × 164 will know how arduous this work is. Instead of the operator having to lift and transport the material and bear its weight when the jogger is loaded, the EasyLoad with its gripper system does the heavy work.  This means considerably less strain on the operator. As the operator is actively involved in the process, he is able to intervene and therefore ensure a high cutting ream quality. In addition the system offers a high level of flexibility, as both left-hand and right-hand lay is possible. This loading aid is particularly interesting for all customers who still employ manual jogging systems,  as EasyLoad can be retrofitted to existing cutting systems. 

Principle of operation of the EasyLoad loading aid

The stack lift elevates the material stack to the required level which can be adjusted to suit the respective operator. The height of the required ream (50 mm max.) is then determined by the operator and it is placed in the gripper.  This separates the material from the remaining stack, and separation can be assisted by compressed air.  The operator can then effortlessly transport the ream in the gripper to the jogger.  While the operator airs and aligns the material, the gripper automatically moves back to its home position in the stack lift.  Airing of the material is assisted by special airing slots in the rear gauge.