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Enfocus, CHILI Publish, Magento and North Plains Present (Commentary by Cary Sherburne)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Press release from the issuing company


Editor's Note: See below for commentary by WhatTheyThink's Cary Sherburne

Gent, Belgium - Enfocus, CHILI Publish, Magento, and North Plains; all respected, best of breed technologies in their respective categories, are offering leading-edge print and media companies the opportunity to see the future of web-to-print at Best of Breed Web-to-Print 2.0. This limited seat, free, day-long seminar is scheduled for June 4 at Magento parent company eBay's Los Angeles office; and at The Aloft Hotel on June 6, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To register:


The one-day event demonstrates how these best of breed tools not only deliver the most flexible and efficient web-to-print solution in the graphic arts market today; but also, how these solutions combine to form the smartest, open platform for any direction web-to-print takes in the future.

Presenters will also share testimonials of companies that have successfully integrated the four solutions in web-to-print applications. These companies are confirming, too, that the simple, highly efficient operation of Best of Breed Web-to-Print 2.0 solutions foster closer customer relationships. The result is unmatched competitive advantage gained only when offering the very best technology, along with the willingness to connect, on a deeper level, with a client.

"We thank CHILI Publish for recognizing the critical need for companies to understand, and then employ, this powerful solution mix for web-to-print offerings,"says Antje Grüger, Product Manager, Enfocus Switch.

"Enfocus, CHILI Publish, Magento, and North Plains are doing what they do best - listening to the marketplace," Grüger continues. "Commercial printers and customers needed an easy way to use a generally available e-commerce solution as a framework for their web-to-print solution. This event is being held to show users exactly how to do that." 

Web-to-Print 2.0 Seminar Presenters
Each of the participants in the upcoming seminars will detail the strengths and area of dominance that earned their established products the "best of breed" mark. Combined, they deliver a "best of breed solution" that is easy for users to configure themselves. For an introduction to the way the four work together for unparalleled quality, ease of use, and throughput, read The Scenario in the addendum below.

"The goal is for printers to gain a true competitive advantage in the market. There's a bit of art, as well as science, in that," says CHILI Publish's CMO, Bram Verniest. He continues, "We want the event to trigger the thought process, accordingly, and so putting a focus on solutions and service so easy and efficient that they seem to 'run in the background' is the first step in cementing a true bond with customers.  The magic comes from the fact that this nonintrusive, unassuming web-to-print interface is just that -- an interface. Underneath are the four best of breed solutions, which together accelerate workflow efficiency beyond printers' wildest dreams. 

"The exponential benefit brought by the combined strength of these four applications is substantial," Verniest says. "We look forward to sharing more details with our friends in the Milwaukee and Los Angeles areas next month!"

Event Registration

For more information about the event, please visit: http://www.chili-publish.com/web2printevent. To register for the June 4 or June 6 seminars, go to:http://www.chili-publish.com/web2printevent/register.

The featured partner solutions are:

Enfocus:  A leading software company specializing in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files for print and to automate workflow processes in the graphic arts industry.

CHILI Publish: CHILI Publisher is an online document editing solution that integrates seamlessly and transparently within a wide range of workflows and production platforms.

Magento: Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help you grow and succeed online.

North Plains: North Plains is recognized as the world leader in helping companies effectively leverage their visual media including images, graphics, videos, presentations, 3D designs and others to maximize market success.


Commentary by Cary Sherburne

It is pretty exciting to see this combination of suppliers to the industry joining together to put on a web-to-print seminar.  It looks like they have the bases covered:  digital asset management, robust online editing capability, workflow automation and ecommerce. 

If you are in either the Milwaukee or Los Angeles areas, these seminars should be well worth attending, even if you already have a customer-facing web solution in place, but especially if you are looking to replace an existing one or are just getting into the game.

Doing business online is increasingly becoming table stakes for printing companies, and the breadth of content covered in this seminar should bring plenty of actionable ideas to attendees that can help sort out the decision making and implementation processes.  As has been referenced in much that both Jennifer Matt and I have written in this space, simply receiving jobs over the Internet is not sufficient.  You must look at the entire process, from concept through shipping and invoicing, and find ways to streamline, taking time and cost out of the process for you and making it “green button” simple for your customers.

These seminars appear to be a good place to start.



By Jennifer Matt on May 16, 2014

Web-to-Print as the print industry has defined it has been way more about "print" and not enough about the "web". Moving online is about making it easy for customers to buy from you. The online ecosystem is one of the fastest evolving channels man has ever created. I am seeing this growing trend and participating in it with many of my consulting customers. This trend is between the trend of "build it yourself from scratch" and "buy an end-to-end system", this trend is assembling the parts that make sense.

You need to be able to first and foremost do e-commerce: that is an ever evolving thing. Products like Magento, nopCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc. are 100% focused on evolving their e-commerce capabilities (not specifically for print but for all e-commerce). Starting with a solid platform for e-commerce can get you a long way. Then you need to integrate to solve the print-specific workflows. Print is a weird e-commerce transaction, what other e-commerce transaction involves the customer providing a critical piece (content) of the custom manufactured product during the procurement process? Talk to anyone in the pure e-commerce world about this and they look at you funny. For print-enablement you have to have print technology that is componentized or modular. Chili-Publisher is a module for doing personalized print products (VDP); another example is MediaClip for the photobook market, or eDocBuilder by Aleyant Systems for VDP - all modules that were built from the ground up to integrate into existing e-commerce platforms.

Finally you have to think about production integration. This is no small task because generic e-commerce platforms will know nothing about delivering file assets, JDF job tickets, or integrating into your Print MIS, etc...

This is a very promising trend in the industry. It does take development expertise both to get it started and to maintain it long term. Remember you're the puzzle builder, you need qualified resources. Building the puzzle gives you a lot more freedom, with that freedom comes responsibility and the overhead of maintaining all the components as they all move on different upgrade schedules.

For many this is going to be the ideal path as a generic e-commerce system will give you the freedom to sell just about anything. For others, a more controlled, affordable path works best – buy an end-to-end solution where your vendor takes responsibility for all technical aspects of the solution and you stay focused on your core competency (selling and manufacturing print and marketing services).



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