Caldera celebrates multiple recognition from Wide Format Imaging readers

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wide-Format Imaging (WFI) has held its Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards for the ninth year, and for the third in a row Caldera has walked away with recognition for its software suite tailored to the needs of wide-format print houses. Modular option Print Standard Verifier and full packages Caldera v9.2 and Flow+ 2.0 were all winners in their individual categories, each elected by the magazine’s readership.

Announced this month in the title’s April issue, Caldera is looking forward to collecting its three plaques at International Sign Expo (ISA) in Orlando later this month. “With so much of Caldera’s research and development reliant upon customer feedback, reader-voted awards pay us a huge compliment,” explains Sébastien Hanssens, vice-president marketing and communications. “We are delighted to have met the expectations of WFI’s discerning audience yet again, and aim to do so for years to come.

Flow+ 2.0, released last summer, has rapidly become a major market force in helping wide-format print houses optimise their businesses. Taking gold in the Prepress and Premedia: Workflow Software category, the suite enables users to link applications across their business suite, creating a workflow that can be visualized and optimized.

In Prepress and Premedia: Color Management Hardware and Software, Print Standard Verifier was victorious, representing its first major industry award. PSV enables printers to match their output to IDEAlliance, G7 and FOGRA specifications using a simple ‘traffic light’ system. This helps them determine whether or not they would pass certification to these increasingly important sector standards. Caldera sees the WFI award as recognition of its forward-thinking approach to helping printers achieve standardization.

The version 9.2 update of the Caldera suite, which is the framework for popular wide-format packages GrandRIP+ and VisualRIP+, emerged triumphant in Prepress and Premedia: RIP Software. Advanced preflighting, color management, user interface and nesting tools are implemented throughout the Caldera package, making it easier for users to print faithful output first time round – a necessity for the modern wide-format print house.

Caldera will be present at ISA in Orlando, USA, between April 24th and 26th, to collect its awards and interact with the WFI electorate.