"Intelligent" Sheeter Decurl Unit Now Available

Monday, March 10, 2014

A penetrating breaker roll decurl unit programmed to automatically treat web curl as the roll unwinds - thus relieving the Operator of such adjustments and permitting “best practice” routines - is now available from MAXSON AUTOMATIC MACHINERY COMPANY (Westerly RI USA).

In “Intelligent” mode, the decurl movement is programmed from the start point (maximum roll diameter) to the end point (core diameter).  The roll stand’s tension controller calculates the diameter of the roll.  When a new roll is started, the

bi-directional breaker roll automatically reverts to the start position.  In the case of a splicer, when a splice occurs, the breaker roll automatically returns to the start position after the splice passes through the splice detector.

At the beginning of a new roll, the Operator may choose to manually position the decurller for the particular roll’s condition.  Using the “Teach” key sets the start position equal to the current penetration.  In “Intelligent” mode the Operator may choose to manually override the automatic progression of the breaker roll.  When such a manual adjustment is made, the end point is recalculated automatically. 

Please contact Brent H. Burdick, Director of Sales & Marketing, for further information by telephone at (401) 596-0162 or by e-mail at bburdick@maxsonautomatic.com.