Pageflex and Sinnott Bros Bring Versioning to Australian Market

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

CAMBRIDGE, Mass--Nov. 3, 2003-- Pageflex, a leader in Web-top publishing, and Sinnott Bros Pty Limited, providers of end-to-end solutions for integrated market systems in Australia and New Zealand, announced an agreement by which Sinnott Bros will resell Pageflex software from offices in Auburn and Greenwich and through their Web site. A long-standing Mpower client, Sinnott Bros offers Pageflex local expertise in interactive application development and knowledge of international regulations and market needs. "We believe that both parties will experience an appreciable up-tick in business in this part of the world based on our new agreement," explained co-founder Kevin Sinnott. "This market is poised to take full advantage of the strong one-to-one marketing and variable-length document features of Pageflex Web-top publishing with Mpower and .EDIT. We are so impressed with the capabilities of Pageflex we have incorporated it into our online Web-based publishing and workflow solution called Centr@dox," he concluded. Pageflex templates make it easy to maintain the original look and feel of corporate marketing documents while also allowing regional offices to make changes within set limits. Executives can establish constraints that protect company logos and colors while remote branches locally customize marketing material. Clients can easily edit materials in a simple browser and review high-quality proofs online before printing. "The leading brands have a very strong position in the market in Australia and New Zealand," explained Alice Fackre, Product Marketing Manager for Pageflex. "I am enthusiastic about the potential for Pageflex technology to help leading brands distribute and control brand, message, and image. And I'm happy to have a key partner like Sinnott Bros working with us to pursue this opportunity."