TC Transcontinental Broadens Internal and External Scope of its Paper Purchasing Policy

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Montreal – Already known in the industry for its forward-looking environmental strategy, TC Transcontinental is proud to announce that it is broadening the internal and external scope of its Paper Purchasing Policy by stipulating, among other things, that recycled or certified papers be used for its printing and own publishing activities. As part of TC Transcontinental's commitment to continual improvement, the Corporation has updated its policy and reiterates its commitment to encouraging its customers to choose certified papers when recycled paper is unavailable, so that by working together we can significantly diminish environmental and social impacts.

Out of a wish to be transparent and to make customers and consumers more aware of high conservation value forest and responsible forest management, TC Transcontinental now plans, for instance, to systematically place the chain-of-custody logo on all TC Media publications. The organization will now also include messages to encourage consumers to recycle its products, aiming to increase the availability of paper containing recycled post-consumer fibre. The first steps in this direction and initial measures to ensure all of its publications display the certified paper logo have already been implemented. TC Transcontinental also reviewed the procurement standards for its photocopiers, printers, official documents, etc., to ensure that papers from recycled or certified sources are used.

Furthermore, the Corporation has decided to give preference to suppliers who monitor and promote the continuous reduction of environmental impacts and to strongly encourage them to share their information on air and water contaminants and landfill usage.

Its new paper purchasing policy will enable TC Transcontinental to more accurately measure the results of its ongoing efforts and to share them with customers and investors, stakeholders and organizations interested in its sustainability efforts. TC Transcontinental drew on the expertise of environmental organization Canopy in updating the Paper Purchasing Policy, as part of their ongoing collaboration to protect Canada's boreal forests and high conservation value forests globally. The paper purchasing policy can be viewed here.