Muller Martini's Performance Drum Graph Expo Debut

Monday, November 26, 2012

The money-saving stitching wire solution was well positioned to attract the attention of booth visitors

Normally hidden behind a stitcher, Muller Martini purposefully positioned an additional EasyDrum wire system solution in front of a 335 stitcher so that Graph Expo booth attendees could get an up-close look at exactly how it performs. Containing 650 pounds of wire, the EasyDrum reduces the total cost of stitching by over 35 percent. And, because of its high capacity, it dramatically lessens downtime caused by new spool changes.

Combined with PerformancePlus Stitching Wire and the all-new PerformancePlus II Heads, the EasyDrum represents a complete, highly cost-effective wire system solution for high speed stitching and features these noteworthy benefits:

  • Lessens downtime by limiting new spool changeovers
  • Torsion-free feature reduces stops, increasing uptime and net performance
  • Wire enters the stitching heads straight, not twisted, resulting in less missed stitches and less abrasions
  • Better wearability as drum is protected from dust and dirt
  • Meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission's lead content requirements for children's books
  • Heads are redesigned to have only seven moving parts, greatly reducing labor costs

Company spokesperson Anthony Quaranta explained, "Most folks really don't pay particular attention to stitching wire. So during the show, we placed an additional EasyDrum in front of a 335 stitcher, and we took the drum apart so that everyone could get an up-close demonstration of how it works."

Added Mr. Quaranta, "Since the drum holds 650 pounds of wire, instead of having to do 10 or 12 changeovers every time the spool runs out, you don't have to do that for a whole shift. So it saves a tremendous amount of money. It's no wonder why we had serious interest from four or five of the top U.S. printers."

Because of the drum's Graph Expo popularity, Muller Martini is offering a special 30-Day Free Trial promotion. Interested parties should contact their Muller Martini sales representative for more details.

Muller Martini's theme at this year's Graph Expo was "New or Renewed: Engineered for Greater Productivity." Equipment demonstrations showed printers and finishers how they can remain competitive and relevant through investments in either new and innovative print and finishing equipment, or in upgrades and other enhancements that can increase throughput in existing machines.