Papierfabrik Scheufelen Presents New 2013 Calendar

Press release from the issuing company

In its new calendar, Papierfabrik Scheufelen in Lenningen trains the spotlight on the individual – and, more specifically, on individuals from various sectors of society who have changed the world through their ideas and achievements. Month by month, the high-end calendar tells the exciting life stories of selected individuals. Scheufelen has joined forces with the Strichpunkt design agency to produce a fascinating col-lection of famous people under the "Moving the World" banner. No-one has more of an impact than people who get things moving. Every change, every step forward is driven by individuals whose courage and innovative strength make them a source of fascination.

The 27th Scheufelen calendar shows people from the worlds of leisure, culture, politics, sport, technology and science with their life's work. The cover features countless names of famous people on a globe, symbolising events from many centuries. It's well worth taking a closer look – each motif in the calendar pages that follow is presented with an outstanding level of quality and creativity. The heads of twelve selected figures are skilfully interwoven with symbols of their achievements to produce fascinating graphics with the unmistakable hallmark of Scheufelen – rich in detail, sometimes playful, intense and also ex-tremely vivid. The calendar for the individual months is designed in the form of a continuous footer.

Irmgard Glanz, Head of Marketing, draws parallels between the theme of the calendar and Scheufelen. "Carl Scheufelen replaced hand-made paper through his innovative strength. Scheufelen's development of art paper brought about lasting change in the printing world, resulting in a dramatic increase not only in printing speed but first and foremost in printing quality."

Scheufelen remains the undisputed quality leader in high-speed print-ing – another reason for devoting January to company founder Carl Scheufelen. February has Margarete Steiff's motto "Only the best is good enough for children". Soft toys with the legendary button in the ear aren't just part of millions of people's childhoods. March – whose subject is Gottlieb Daimler – is less playful but more technical and fea-tures Daimler's Petroleum Reitwagen, which he developed with Wil-helm Maybach in 1885. A milestone in mobility.

April focuses on Jacqueline Auriol-Douet, who in 1953 was the first woman to break the sound barrier and set numerous speed records of up to 2150 kilometres per hour. Her limitless courage and passion for flying helped the world's fastest woman earn the nickname "La Lionne" – the lioness. May is given over to Konrad Zuse and his groundbreak-ing development. He is the undisputed creator of the world's first fully automatic, program-controlled and freely programmable computer us-ing floating-point binary calculations. His fully functional Z3 was un-veiled in 1941. June's theme is Berlin snack bar owner Herta Heuwer, who in 1949 invented the famous currywurst with its unique, spicy sauce. She registered the recipe for "Chillup", derived from chili and ketchup, with the German Patent Office in 1959. A room at Berlin's Currywurst Museum is dedicated to Heuwer's invention.

July is devoted to the film icon and the 20th century's greatest sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, who didn't just cause a stir among men. Who can forget Monroe's dress billowing above a subway grate? This scene in Billy Wilder's film "The Seven Year Itch" is a timeless classic. Moving on to August, Gandhi's approach didn't just change India – he set in motion a vast peace and independence movement. He was revered by the Indian people as "Mahatma", which is derived from the Sanskrit for "great soul". As for September, the influence of Coco Chanel on haute couture was so outstanding that even U.S. Time Magazine included her as the sole representative of her sector in its list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" was one of Chanel's key design principles. This is re-flected in her fashion, not forgetting the legendary perfume Chanel No 5.

October has Pythagoras. One of the greatest achievements attributed to him today is as the originator of the proportionality theorem. He in-troduced the word lógos – "proportion" – in the mathematical sense. The pioneer of Greek philosophy, mathematics and science is associ-ated with the "Pythagorean theorem", the geometric formula a2 + b2 = c2. "The day the Sun fell out of the sky" – the words of sports journalist Gerhard Berger on 1 May 1994 – is the focus for November. Ayrton Senna's fatal accident brought a meteoric racing career to an abrupt end. He was a three-time world champion and is regarded as the fast-est driver in racing history. The last month of the year presents the epitome of a scientist and genius, Albert Einstein. He fundamentally changed the physical view of the world through his research into the structure of space and time and gravity. The Nobel prizewinner also used his contacts and fame to promote international understanding and peace.

The calendar pages of "Moving the World" were produced on Scheufelen phoenixmotion, heaven 42 and bvs coated paper with a variety of surfaces. Useful information on the individuals featured and details on the wide range of print technologies and finishing techniques such as hot foils, spot lacquering techniques using screen printing, per-foration and embossing can be found on the last page of the calendar. The sophisticated production of the high-end calendar was undertaken and overseen by BULU, Buchdruckerei Lustenau.

Just 3,500 copies of the limited edition bilingual (German/English) "Moving the World" calendar are being printed. A small number are available for calendar fans to buy at a price of EUR 100 each (including VAT). A smaller number of individual calendar pages are available at EUR 15 each (including VAT). Orders can be placed directly at the Scheufelen webshop at http://www.scheufelen.com/en/creativ-shop.products/kunstkalender.html from mid-November.


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