Boejinga Printing Hits 100 Million on ROLAND 300

Press release from the issuing company

The ROLAND 300 five-colour press supplied to Boejinga Printing in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands is more than proving its worth.

"One hundred million publications says something about the machine. That a printing company is able to produce 100,000,000 impressions in nine years says something about the quality of the press. Right?" Enthusiastic owner Marc Schoonebeek is all too happy to talk about the super-productive ROLAND 300 five-colour press and the three other manroland printing presses at Boejinga Printing. Schoonebeek considers the company, comprising twenty-three employees, to be as complete a printing office as any other. It specialises in printing labels for cardboard packaging. "Think, for example, about boxes for games from Jumbo, or the paint boxes from Talens."

"A press with so many impressions to its name is not something you see too often," Schoonebeek agrees. "You could compare it to cars. With some brands, it's definitely not unusual if they are still fully operational, even with 600,000 km on the clock. It's a question of good use, maintenance and quality. It's the same case with this press". Whether it is the machinery or the production, Beojinga stands for quality. This is the reason why the graphic company was honoured as Sappi Printer of the Year in the brochures category last year.

A must have
Despite the enormous production, the ROLAND 300 five-colour press is still the most important machine for the 'printing needs' at the Boejinga Printing. "The fifth tower is a full-fledged printing tower," says Schoonebeek. "This tower is useful for spot varnishing, all-over coating, or as a fifth colour, for example, five-colour advertising printing jobs for the cosmetics industry. For the production of stickers for the cardboard industry, the press is equipped with four colours and coating. This fifth tower is a must-have. A normal four-colour-press is unthinkable for our needs."

Press parc
Just like his predecessors, Schoonebeek trusts manroland. "Our company has definitely been using ROLAND printing presses for at least 22 years, and they were certainly around even prior to that." Since he took over in 2000, Schoonebeek has been the sole owner of the ninety-year-old company. "When I stepped in twelve years ago, there were six ROLAND 200 two-colour presses and the films for the printing plates were still being mounted by hand. That simply wasn't efficient enough." Upon the take-over, Boejinga purchased the ROLAND 300 five-colour press. Besides the ROLAND 300 five-colour press, there is also a ROLAND 500 five-colour press, and among others, two ROLAND 200 two-colour
machines (form the old collection) and a ROLAND Practica. The hand mounting has been replaced with a Fujifilm Luxel V6 CtP plate-setter with FujiFilm Pro-V chemical free offset-plates and XMF workflow. "Apart from that, we can still process films. There are clients for repeat orders who only have the original films."

Internal Efficiency
Meanwhile, Boejinga Printing and manroland Benelux are looking back on the years of successful collaboration. Apart from the presses and the pre-press, there is also the advanced cutting configuration advised and supplied by manroland Benelux. "Brand loyalty offers nothing but business advantages," Schoonebeek acknowledges. "All our printing towers are able to be interchanged and that offers flexibility and increased internal efficiency. Our pre-press only needs one plate format for full production. Furthermore, a seven-colour printing assignment, for example, is simple to spread across the presses."


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