callas pdfToolbox 6 and pdfaPilot 4 at World Publishing Expo

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Today, callas software announces their presence at the World Publishing Expo 2012, also known as IFRA Expo, where they will showcase the preflight champion, pdfToolbox as well as the new version of the automation tool for validation and creation of standard-compliant PDF/A files, pdfaPilot. This new version has a new PDF to ePub feature for tagged PDFs. callas software, the leading developer of PDF technology for publishing, print production and document archiving, exhibits at the Crossroads booth C461 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 29 – 31 October 2012. Reseller 3f8h.net / electronic publishing will do the product demos.

callas software handles your complex PDF challenges
callas software, developer of the preflight technology used in Adobe Acrobat, has a range of desktop and server products allowing users to either interactively or automatically process PDF files. callas software's pdfToolbox product range is aimed at the print and publishing market, its pdfaPilot products are aimed at bringing reliable PDF-based long-term archiving to a variety of industries.

Today, callas pdfToolbox is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight and correction application on the market. Problem files can be fixed during preflight or with the click of a button in the Switchboard. Flattening transparency, converting fonts to outlines, inserting trim and bleed boxes to match printer marks, converting office documents or even PostScript files directly into PDF, comparing versions of PDF files, visualizing ink coverage, … no job is too difficult. pdfToolbox Server allows automating all these actions and fully integrate them into any workflow or web portal solution. Earlier this year, callas software released the 6th generation of its preflight champion pdfToolbox. This new version includes powerful new features such as process plans to build logic into preflight profiles, automatic load-balancing between systems and remote configuration and monitoring of pdfToolbox Servers across the network. For years, reseller 3f8h.net / electronic publishing is callas software gold partner and knows the software like the back of his hand. Together with one of his customers he helped developing the load-balancing feature. Sebastian Nafroth, CEO at 3f8h.net / electronic publishing: "I am very happy, to present callas software's solutions at IFRA. The new versions include a lot of interesting novelties – for the individual user as well as for bigger environments."

callas pdfaPilot is the professional solution to validate and/or create PDF/A-files for businesses and government agencies of all types, as well as archives and libraries, that store and maintain documents long-term. pdfaPilot flawlessly turns interactive forms, invoices, technical documentation, books and any other PDF or Office files you can think of into robust, standards-compliant PDF/A documents; checking files against the standard and fixing them if they don't comply. In October callas software will release the new version of pdfaPilot that will feauture a new PDF to ePub converter. This new conversion feature will use "tags" in PDF files and the quality of the results depends on the quality of these - usually invisible - tags. The new version will also have a convenient and fast "Tag-Viewer" with which the tagging structure can easily be checked. Tags are not only important for ePub and Publishing but are also an important precondition for accessibility. pdfaPilot 4 brings full support for the soon to be released PDF/A-3 standard, making it possible to archive the original document (such as Word, Excel, XML…) inside the PDF/A file. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint facilitates the creation of PDF/A files in larger office environments. For high-volume environments, pdfaPilot Server can now be installed as a Windows service and load balancing between different pdfaPilot Servers instantly enables unlimited processing power.

All the new updates and features of the callas software product line can be discovered at the Crossroads stand C461. To book an in-depth introduction or a personal demo of one of the products above, please click here


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