Curious Collection Announce "2nd SKIN" Contest

Press release from the issuing company

Arjowiggins Creative Papers and Appleton Coated dare all to go on the most curious of journeys

Celebrating the launch of four intense new colors in the SKIN Curious Collection, the "2nd SKIN" mask contest challenges all to show their creative identity. The contest runs from Sept. 6, 2012 to Feb. 28, 2013.

Three visionary contemporary artists also created masks that explore the concept of a second skin. Their artworks set a high bar for competitors and will be awarded as valuable top prizes. Along with these priceless original artworks, there are lomographic cameras and Creative Review subscriptions to be won. To take the lead from these inspirational artworks visit the 2nd SKIN mask contest's dedicated website: www.secondskincontest.com.

"The contest is a challenge to anyone with creativity in their DNA to show what they are made of," says Ferkó X. Goldinger, marketing manager at Appleton Coated, the exclusive North American distributor for The Curious Collection of fine papers.

Rules of Engagement
"Curious Collection is devoted to showcasing international talent and accompanying designers on their creative journey," Goldinger elaborates. "It is the brand's ambition to inspire audacity and originality and to be a force for creativity. Through collaborations and contests such as this, it aims to empower the creative community, providing an international platform from which members can freely express themselves and explore their potentials."

Entries to the 2nd SKIN mask contest may be made from SKIN Curious Collection or any other paper. Contestants can order SKIN samples for their masks by emailing curiousmarketing@appletoncoated.com.

After creating their mask, participants are invited to post a photo or video of them or someone else wearing the mask on the online gallery at www.secondskincontest.com. They are then encouraged to use their social network to rally support and gain votes on the site. A Special Audience Prize will be awarded for the mask that obtains the most "likes."

The top two prizes, as well as the lomographic cameras and Creative Review subscriptions are in the hands of an international jury of influential contemporary artists, designers and creative paper professionals.

The SKIN Artworks
The three artists who lead the 2nd SKIN mask contest are French contemporary artist Kriki, award-winning New York-based Japanese paper artist Kako Ueda and the French multimedia studio Bonsoir Paris. Their commission reflects Curious Collection's commitment to nurture creativity and young talent. Kriki and Kako Ueda already feature in international art collections, while the talented Bonsoir Paris was discovered when the studio won both the French and International prizes with their remarkable paper creations in the 2010 Curious Story contest.

All three works of art are unique, created exclusively for this project.

  • Kriki (www.kriki.com) has created a SKIN artwork that is an assemblage of paper elements, folded and pasted one-by-one by hand. The concept is rooted in African masks and their use in costume, dance and culture for self-expression, liberation and ritual. Kriki is the alias of renowned painter and musician Christian Vallee. It is also the name of his alter ego who appears in many of his paintings. Both he and his SKIN Curious Collection mask reflect a belief that art and hidden identity, contrarily, are self-revealing: "To wear a mask transforms you. It reveals to the others your true nature."
  • The striking and tactile sculptural mask by Bonsoir Paris (www.bonsoirparis.fr) uses SKIN Curious Collection paper pummeled and pounded into a block sufficiently dense to be painstakingly carved. It is a celebration of hands as personal creative tools, the most expressive part of the body, and the source of hand-made objects. As the studio explains, "We transformed the paper into a mysterious medium so that the material was also masked."
  • The mask of Kako Ueda (www.kakoueda.com) reflects her pre-occupation with transformation and nature. Her inspiration is the story of Daphne, a maiden in Greek mythology who is changed into a tree by her father to help her avoid the advances of the lovesick Apollo. Kako meticulously cut the paper in intricate detail with an X-ACTO knife. By adding layer upon layer to create a magical metaphor she demonstrates her view that "a mask... It's all about metamorphosis, hiding and revealing at the same time."

New SKIN Colors
"The Curious Collection is a designer's favorite and has always been recognized as offering daring, unconventional and cutting edge papers. Its fresh, high impact approach enables designers to reinvent packaging, communications and marketing materials. All ranges are fully FSC certified (FSC C007796), making them ideal for designers looking for a creative and sustainable paper solution," notes Goldinger.

"What is more beautiful and sensual to touch than smooth skin?" he asks. "This is the feeling that SKIN conveys through all its papers. Its softness appeals to the senses. These papers are perfect for all applications where a unique feel is essential: brochures, invitations, business cards, luxury packaging and envelopes."

Goldinger adds, "The virtues of SKIN are its homogeneity, its intense matte colors, its smooth and distinctively tactile surface and its resistance to rubbing or finger marking. The four new colors were inspired by trend forecaster Edelkoort Studio to reflect the latest in contemporary fashion and design, and along with the eight other SKIN colors, are already specified by luxury brand leaders. They are suitable for most print techniques and have excellent printability."

The new SKIN colors are described as:

  • EMERALD – An ultra-dense, mineral color that stands out by its strength of character. This precious, vibrant emerald green is ideal to electrify any creation. It is particularly suited to communications that combine technology with luxury.
  • PURPLE – An intense purple that seems to have come straight out of a fashion show. Its evocative power talks of elegance, femininity and mystery.
  • GREY – The ideal tone to make others stand out. Grey from SKIN celebrates the return to minimalism. Like hushed, intimate lighting, it adds composure, restraint and distinction; a sought-after medium in design and architecture.
  • INDIGO – It sits between the classic "bleu de N"mes" and the architect's blueprint. This new shade rubs shoulders with the world of creation. Its natural distinction makes it suitable for event-based and corporate communications alike.

Complementing the ultra-matte SKIN Curious Collection, the Curious Collection presents a full offering of Curious Metallics, Curious Translucents, Curious Touch, Curious Particle and Curious Cosmic.

Green Power is now a standard feature for four of the Curious Collection product lines – SKIN, Metallics, Translucents and Particles. For all of the grades that carry this designation, 100% of the electricity used to manufacture these products is matched with renewable energy credits (RECS) from Green-e certified energy sources, primarily in the form of wind.

Along with Green Power, SKIN Curious Collection products are elemental chlorine free (ECF). The entire Curious Collection is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and manufactured in ISO 14001 facilities.

For more information on the Curious Collection, please visit CuriousStory.com and click on "Where to Buy?" (www.curiouspapers.com/locate.php)


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