manroland web systems - Tensor International Partnership in US & Canada

Friday, September 07, 2012

manroland web systems Inc. and Tensor International have entered into an agreement in which manroland web systems Inc. will sell Tensor’s products in the US and Canada. Tensor manufactures a full line of single-width web fed printing presses and auxiliary equipment. The Tensor product line augments manroland web system’s portfolio of newspaper and commercial web presses.

Tensor International is a premier US manufacturer of single width web offset press systems serving semi-commercial, insert and newspaper print markets worldwide. Tensor has a large install base in the US, consisting primarily of T1400 and T400BE printing towers, as well as H50 folders.

manroland web systems’ Vice President of Sales Ron Sams stated, “As the consolidation of newspapers and commercial printing continues, Tensor’s product line for the single-width web market fills a void for cost-effective solutions that meet the market’s needs. We are excited to have the opportunity to represent Tensor in our region, because it gives us another product line to respond to the needs of the North American print market.”

Tensor’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Sales Mike Pavone stated, “The market in the US and Canada is very important to us, and are confident that our partnership with manroland web systems will ensure we reach printers, and maintain our leading position and market share.”

Pavone elaborated on the relationship between Tensor and manroland web systems. “Both companies produce quality printing equipment and understand the importance of standing behind their products. We share the same business approach. We look forward to the new cooperation and feel it will benefit both companies, as well as the print market at large.”