VITS Portfolio Integration a Clear-Cut Success for Goss

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Over the months since taking the Vits Print portfolio under its wing, Goss International claims that the transition has been virtually seamless for customers and Goss operatives. The smooth integration into the Goss product range also means that orders for Vits equipment have continued to gather pace.

Since the asset acquisition of Vits Print GmbH in December last year, Goss International has assimilated production of the Vits brand equipment into the manufacturing cycles at its plant in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, where Goss pasters and heatset dryers are manufactured. The crossover from the previous Vits facility in nearby Langenfeld, Germany, was phased in order to maintain manufacture and delivery schedules.

Thirteen orders for Vits equipment have been taken or fulfilled during this period, with installations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

“Without a doubt, the Vits technology enjoys a position of industry-leadership. We are currently supplying sheeters, pre-folders, coaters, perforators, die-cutters and an automated transport system for a range of customers in various sectors,” explains Rutger Jansen, director of sales and service for Goss International’s Contiweb auxiliary division. “The star product of the moment is probably the Rotocut sheeter in its various models. We are in the process of supplying seven of these, including one for a new Goss M-600 Folia press in Brazil.”

Rotocut sheeters are industry-renowned for their ability to ensure precision sheeting even for high-speed web offset production. They feature technologies such as Vits floatation strip technology, which ensures a gentle web feed, as well as integrated register control and fully automated pallet transport for greater flexibility. Different models cater for specific market requirements, accommodating webs from 400 – 1700 mm and delivering 24-, 32- and 48-page signatures. Top of the range is the Rotocut HS which operates at up to 75,000 impressions per hour, or 20 cuts per second.

All auxiliary components from Goss Internationalincluding the Vits products, can be integrated within Goss press systems as well as press systems manufactured by other suppliers for web offset, gravure and flexography applications, including packaging and direct mail.

According to Jansen, experience to date supports early expectations that the market-leading sheeting and specialized finishing components would be the ideal complement to the existing range of Goss web offset print production solutions. “In many cases we are installing Vits brand equipment alongside Goss dryers or reelstands, sometimes for operation inline with a Goss press but also on competitor presses. Printers and publishers have the option of choosing our industry-leading auxiliaries for any press system, which means they are in a win-win situation!”

One recent example of this is an order from ADV Schoder in Germany for a top-of-the-range Ecoset dryer plus a Rotocut-HS sheeter with automated pallet transport. In the same timeframe, Goss International is supplying a pre-folder and Ecotherm dryer for a newspaper publisher in China.

“Our team in Boxmeer has the proven capability to support web printers with the most advanced auxiliary components in the world, including Goss Ecocool and Ecoset dryers and Contiweb pasters,” according to Jansen. “So it’s very important to us to ensure the same engineering expertise and overall professionalism to the equally well-respected Rotocut high-speed sheeting and specialized finishing products. We’re very proud in the confidence that we are achieving our aims.”