MPS Releases AutoPrice for Adobe InDesign CS6

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meadows Publishing Solutions (MPS) today announced the release of their AutoPrice plug-in module for Adobe InDesign CS6. AutoPrice is a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for linking text and graphics in any type of database to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress documents, vastly streamlining production. Proven over 16 years by many of the largest catalog and financial publishers throughout the world, AutoPrice has set the standard for plug-in based data connectivity software.

As the name implies, AutoPrice is engineered to automate the process of inserting, updating and versioning prices for catalogs, retail flyers and similar publications. It is also ideal for updating timetables, phone lists or any other type of information that can be referenced from a database or spreadsheet file. For more information about MPS software, please visit www.meadowsps.com.

How It Works
AutoPrice extracts and updates prices (or other data) via “placeholders” within InDesign (or QuarkXPress) documents that are linked to records in any type of database or spreadsheet. Placeholders can be positioned anywhere on the page, even within running text, and can be styled without restriction for maximum design possibilities. Raw database prices can also be styled in virtually any fashion as they are extracted.

More flexible catalogs, flyers, timetables and similar publications can be created and manipulated in less time. Users can update, reformat, revise and spin off multiple versions with far less effort, thereby reducing errors and accelerating production cycles. A single command can update (re-price) an entire publication from a revised database. The AutoPrice database engine is mature, field-tested and proven to be lightning fast, typically requiring no more than a few seconds to completely update a page.

Update Graphics, Generate Reports, Batch Process
AutoPrice also supports graphic file import and exchange, which includes advanced searching and error reporting capabilities. Comprehensive and fully-featured report generation aids proofing, billing or index generation. For large projects and multiple files, AutoPrice supplies selectable batch processing, also complete with full reporting. An entire catalog containing hundreds of individual documents can be fully processed within minutes.

Full Compatibility
AutoPrice is now available for InDesign CS6 and QuarkXPress 9, as well as previous versions of both applications, from Meadows Publishing Solutions and its distributors. For more information, please visit www.meadowsps.com