Papico Backs Lenzing Papier Recycling Breakthrough

Press release from the issuing company

Leading UK paper agency Papico is supporting a major development by Austrian-based Lenzing Papier to prevent silicone coated release paper liners used in the labelling of consumer products from ending up in landfill.

Lenzing and Cycle4Green Ltd (C4G) have been working on a two-year initiative to recover and recycle siliconised backing paper and develop a sustainable solution for release paper liner materials in a closed-loop Europe-based recycling system.

The system involves the product being recycled back into paper products and has resulted in release paper waste now being used to produce recycled fine and speciality paper products at Lenzing Paper.

The majority of this type of product was previously put to landfill, so the development marks a major step forward in meeting recycling and environmental targets.

The companies have developed three major initiatives to put the recycling process into place.

  • Collection programmes at release liner end users, which can be commercial siliconisers, label printers or label end users.
  • Logistics solutions to transport waste material locally, centralised warehousing and directly to Lenzing Papier’s recycling facility (pulp/paper mill).
  • Removal of silicone (de-siliconising) and processing of the fibre to be used in paper making.

Papico director Paul Johnston-Knight feels that the development plays an instrumental role in improving recycling targets and techniques.

“Developing ways to recycle products that were previously difficult to process is the way forward for the future of the labelling industry. These types of products are far more attractive to users because they will no longer need to end up in landfill.”

He adds: “We are extremely proud to be representing Lenzing Papier during this important part of its progress in developing innovative recycling procedures.”


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