First Order for Q.I. Press Controls' mRC-3D

Press release from the issuing company

In their long-standing partnership Dumont Schauberg (MDS) and Q.I. Press Controls concluded a historic agreement at this year's Drupa-exhibition! The meaningful handshake between MDS’ Production Manager, Manfred Poischen, and Q.I. Press Controls’ member of the Board, Menno Jansen, endorses MDS’ bold option for mRC-3D. That is Q.I. Press Controls’ new miracle camera marking a new and more efficient phase in the lifecycle of MDS’ existing Commander newspaper press. It has only been a few days that Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC-3D system was revealed to the international trade press and selective clients at this Drupa exhibition, as a new miracle camera. MDS will be the first user in the world to start taking advantage of this.

DuMont Schauberg has been a loyal Q.I. Press Controls customer from the very beginning. A decade ago, DuMont Schauberg’s newspaper printing firm already fitted its KBA Commander of eleven 4-high printing towers with Q.I. Press Controls’ revolutionary automatic IRS colour register system with micro marks. “All those years, that solution performed to our fullest satisfaction”, says Poischen. He continues to praise Q.I. Press Controls’ innovative power in the field of monitoring and controlling CCD camera technology for web-offset presses. “Through mRC-3D self-cleaning depth detection cameras, Q.I. Press Controls clearly shows its added value for newspaper and magazine producers. mRC-3D still offers so much for the retrofit project on our Commander, that you can indeed refer to this as a highly useful rejuvenation. This certainly applies if we add the hidden potential the mRC-3D technology has in store for our 1999/2000 Commander. Our longstanding co-operation in the earlier Commander and Cortina projects gives DuMont Schauberg the confidence that the newly signed order for the Commander upgrade to mRC-3D will soon start to pay off through efficiency gains (and other benefits). The self-cleaning 3D camera will be maintenance-free. Thanks to the double sensor technology, we can also expect a substantial raise in quality. Yes, we are delighted with the way in which this new collaboration project has come about and look forward to our joint development efforts as agreed with our partner supplier”, Poischen confirms.

Q.I. Press Controls too shows its satisfaction with this renewed co-operation, as expressed by Menno Jansen, Q.I. Press Controls’ president. “We are very pleased with this great opportunity to demonstrate the added value of our self-cleaning depth-detection camera system on MDS’ Commander. In addition to register automation, mRC-3D offers more efficiency tools as part of its ‘arsenal’. Our developers, in conjunction with MDS’ printing experts, will roll up the sleeves to demonstrate what our latest optical-digital high-tech innovation can do. After all, there is a reason why we state that MDS’ Commander undergoes a rejuvenating cure, which will pay back in solid efficiency and quality gains”, says Jansen. Installation of the new mRC-3D register automation is scheduled for December 2012.

M.DuMont Schauberg Cologne is a newspaper group of companies whose roots can be traced back to the early seventeenth century. Its Cologne newspaper printing firm has a reputation of investing in trendsetting innovation. In addition to the Commander referred to earlier, MDS also produces with a Cortina 6/2 waterless newspaper web-offset press, which has four printing towers.


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