C.P. Bourg Demos Wireless Remote Control at drupa 2012

Press release from the issuing company

Wireless networking technology is an essential element of modern life. And thanks to C.P. Bourg, that technology is a giant step closer to helping improve efficiency and productivity on the print shop factory floor.

Here at drupa 2012, C. P. Bourg -- the pioneer and leader in digital print finishing -- is demonstrating a desktop duplication technology that allows an operator with a wireless computer to monitor, control and diagnose the operation of C.P. Bourg sheet feeders, booklet makers and perfect binders from anywhere within the reach of a secure wireless local area network (WiFi).

Thought to be the first implementation of print finishing products operated remotely through a mobile computing device, the virtualization technology demonstration shows how an operator or supervisor using an Apple iPad can start, stop, change or query operating parameters, enable diagnostics, and track the performance of any C.P. Bourg finisher -- while walking around the stand.

Convergence of "Smart" Technologies 
"Several technologies have converged to make this demonstration possible," says James Tressler, Director of Marketing and Branch Operations for C.P. Bourg Inc.

"Most important, the touchscreen on a C.P. Bourg finisher is a microprocessor-controlled graphical user interface (GUI) that enables full interactive functionality with the finisher's operating software and mechanics. Next, C.P. Bourg finishers are designed to operate automatically in digital environments, binding or finishing books and booklets on-demand, virtually unattended.

"Add to that the virtualization technology, which allows touchscreen GUIs of Bourg finishers to be shared over a network with other computing devices. Today, these can include wireless devices from tablet computers and PCs to smart phones connected through a wireless local-area network or over the Internet," Mr. Tressler explains.

Using the technology is easy, as shown in several video presentations taken on the C.P. Bourg stand (available at www.cpbourg.com at the "Drupa" tab). In the video presentations, an Apple iPad is used to control a new Bourg BB3102 Perfect Binder as well as a C.P. Bourg Sheet Feeder driving a new BB3202 In-Line Perfect Binder, by duplicating their icon-driven operating systems from anywhere within reach of the secure WiFi connection.

Productivity, Efficiency and Utility Benefits 
"It's easy to imagine the many benefits of this capability," says Mr. Tressler.

"In a print shop, one operator or supervisor could monitor and control any number of devices while walking around -- in effect, multiplexing his or her time and expertise among several machines or less-skilled operators to maximize uptime and asset utilization.

"Adding the Internet to the equation dramatically expands the possibilities afforded by this technology," he adds. "For example, it enables a supervisor or expert to monitor production processes and advise operators at remote locations. Or, an authorized C.P. Bourg service technician with security clearance could diagnose and fix a customer's hardware and software problems from virtually any location around the world."


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