Proforma Reports Significant Growth with New ProVantage Selling System

Press release from the issuing company

The advantage is clear. Proforma is pleased to report Owners participating in the ProVantage Selling System have experienced an average 19.1% year-to-date sales growth as of April 2012, comparable to their year-to-date sales in April 2011.

“We are excited about the results we are seeing with the ProVantage Selling System,” said Greg Muzzillo, Founder of Proforma. “Owners are engaging in the program to make identifying new opportunities and new areas for growth easier than ever. This puts useful tools at their fingertips to go out and put new sales in their pipeline.”

The ProVantage Selling System, launched in October 2011, offers a variety of sales tools based on Proforma Owners level of sales and their specific needs for growing their businesses. The program offers resources to help Owners reach their sales goals by prospecting for new clients, adding sales representatives, upselling and cross selling current clients and more.

“I have more than $2 million in new business opportunities lined up for this year,” said Patrick Doyle, Owner of Proforma Synergy. “The ProVantage Selling System made me realize I didn’t have to work so hard. The tools not only make it easy to increase sales – but I’m working more strategically and efficiently. I’m using the tools each and every day to find qualified prospects and put hundreds of thousands of dollars in my pipeline.”

Within the ProVantage Selling System, Proforma Owners selling under $400,000/year (called Team Proforma 400), and Owners selling more than $500,000/year (Team 500) that want to reach $1 million in sales are offered specific tools to help them grow. Muzzillo personally hosts weekly webinars for both groups, offering key insights to Owners on how they can increase their sales and grow their businesses, and how fellow Owners have already experienced the positive effects of the program. Owners are also provided with sales tools and resources to use in the field, and then follow up when back in the office, as well as track and manage activity.

“We’re blown away by the results we’re seeing using the ProVantage Selling System tools,” said Mason Israel, Co-Owner of Proforma MarJac Promotions. “We’re upselling, cross selling and setting more new appointments than ever before. We have added more than a $1 million in new business to our pipeline – and now we’re looking forward to becoming new members of the Multi-Million Dollar Club.”

Each member of Proforma also has a full suite of support including access to award winning marketing campaigns, a newly enhanced technology platform, financial backing, free credit insurance, the buying clout that lowers costs 5% - 15% with a proven vendor network and more.

“We have been able to use the new ProVantage Selling System tools to parlay one success right into another. Just last month we added more than $1.5 million in new business opportunities.” said Chris Tywon, Owner of Proforma Solutions Ventures. “With the support we received from this program we were able to acquire a new eCommerce project with an international client and make a C-level presentation to win all of their print and promo business.  We also completed an $800,000 acquisition.”


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