ACTEGA Terra Presents Coating Innovations at drupa 2012

Press release from the issuing company

Under the motto “We love coatings”, ACTEGA Terra presents coating innovations for remarkable printing products. Whether they are interested in the haptic coating Magic Touch, a waterbased highest gloss coating or the new UV silver, visitors receive more information and printed samples in hall 3, booth number C16.

Haptic Coating Magic Touch
The new waterbased haptic coating Magic Touch creates a unique soft feel. The coating adds a sensible dimension to the printing product and – apart from the visual perception – also addresses the tactile sense of the consumer. With its comparably low tendency to polish up, it represents an economic alternative to lamination of, for example, covers. In the area of packaging it is an effective possibility for differentiation and positioning of the brand. It is applied in sheet-fed offset out of the coating unit or in gravure printing. The matt coating provides a good running behaviour, is block resistant and can be used two-sided. Additionally, it is suitable for further finishing steps, such as for example hot foil stamping or UV coating in screen printing.

New highest gloss coating for food packaging
The new waterbased highest gloss coating has been developed for the application on folded boxes in food packaging printing. It represents a new coating of the FoodSafe series, which currently includes more than 40 waterbased coatings. FoodSafe combines three quality characteristics at the same time. The coating is low migration (global migration < 60 mg/kg, EU cube model) and complies with the Swiss Ordinance (positive list SR 817.023.21). Moreover, it is certified for the direct contact with dry and fatty foodstuffs. Only coatings that fulfil all three quality characteristics receive the FoodSafe seal by ACTEGA Terra. FoodSafe coatings do without unrequested constitutional components such as mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH), heavy metals and phthalates, and they are adapted to low odour. The new highest gloss coating combines highest gloss with a fast drying. Made for comparably high machine speeds, this coating persuades by its good running behaviour and the good scratch and scuff resistance.

Metallic brilliance with new UV silver
A high-value finishing can be realised with the new TerraEffekt UV Silver G 7/880 for the coating unit. By means of the use of extremely thin and homogeneous aluminium plates that have been produced under vacuum metallisation, this coating shows highest metallic brilliance. The pigment plates adjust themselves in parallel to the substrate and to the top. Like this, a mirror effect is achieved; the light is reflected in a clear and brilliant way.  

Whether for the application on packaging, labels or commercial prints, there are many advantages of the new UV silver. Due to its excellent coverage it is suitable for the coating unit after printing. For the application “coating before printing”, it provides an additional area of use as it shows a very good overprintability. Where time, costs or sustainability (foil waste) play an important role, the UV silver is an alternative to hot or cold foil stamping.  

New UV double coating system
The new UV double coating system achieves gloss results that come up to a UV offline coating. The combination of waterbased primer and UV coating on conventional inks has been adapted to each other in an optimal way and has been especially developed for the use on UV double coating printing presses.

The TerraWet Primer G 9/185 FoodSafe is applied out of the first coating unit after printing. It closes the surface of the printed substrate and provides a barrier. By means of this, it prevents the absorption of the UV coating into the substrate and the printing inks. A possible gloss decrease (draw back) is avoided to a large extent. In combination with the highly reactive TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 8/372 F NVK, comparably high machine speeds can be realised. Also on high ink coverage, the system persuades by a good scratch and scuff resistance as well as a good adhesion.

Three-dimensional effects with UV drip off
An innovative way of finishing provides the new UV drip off system of TerraEffekt UV Drip Off Primer 1235 and TerraGloss UV Gloss Varnish G 8/192 F VK Drip Off. Applied according to the same principle, this system does not only realise matt and repellent effects, but a strong three-dimensional visual appearance.

Various structure and line effects are possible. Whether fish bone pattern with lines that have been arranged in opposite directions or rays over the printing image, for the eye a three-dimensional effect is created. Forms and structures can change depending on the tilt angle and exposure to light. Even hologram effects are possible.

Both coatings have been adapted to each other in an optimal way, so that very fine line structures can be realised. The system shows a good running behaviour and persuades by its very good scuff resistance.

Coating system Plastic Star for a plastic haptic effect
ACTEGA Terra has succeeded to provide substrates with a surface similar to plastic only by means of a coating application. Due to the special formulation and the exactly adjusted system Plastic Star, an especially strong effect is created. Plastic Star has been developed for the full area use in sheet-fed offset. Out of the last ink duct, the UV primer is applied. Out of the coating unit, a UV special coating is used. The result is a very dense and closed surface with a strong height/depth structure. This structure forms the characteristical plastic haptic effect. Suitable for the high-value finishing of covers and folded boxes, this coating system provides highest resistance also in challenging environments (e.g. high air humidity).


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