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From May 3 to 16, 2012, the effect pigment specialist Merck will be at the drupa in Düsseldorf demonstrating how a unique print product can be created when all sectors join forces seamlessly to combine technical innovations with creative ideas. At Merck’s stand, visitors attending the world’s largest print media fair can witness their ideas taking immediate shape. 

The whole is more than the sum of its parts – Creating added value together

Companies want to develop eye-catching products and packaging that optimally harmonize form and function and convey a clear message. However, these companies are faced with an enormous range of materials, technologies, and effect pigments; they need experienced specialists to evaluate the diverse variety of components and select the best ones. Only through the perfect interplay of suppliers from all sectors it is possible to create a result that transcends the capacity and expertise of the individual companies. As a member of the global PrintCity alliance, Merck is able to develop implementable solutions, optimize production processes, and guarantee the utmost in expertise and monitoring for every step of the printing process. This results in products that wholly meet customer needs and market requirements.

Creativity has many dimensions – The exhibits

Designed to depict the art of azulejo mosaic, Merck’s exhibition booth will strikingly illustrate the kind of masterpiece that results when all pieces of a mosaic fit together perfectly.

Wrapping paper is intended to reflect the precious nature of the contents. Merck will show how differing golden tones from the Iriodin effect pigment line can be used in an overprint varnish to impart an incomparably warm gloss to both vibrant patterns as well as tone-in-tone combinations. In combination with Colorstream effect pigments, this creates a shimmering, multidimensional play of colors. The effect? Highly intense, vibrant colors and paper that seems to shine like the sun.

The medium-size silvery white pigments of Iriodin 103 Rutil Sterling silver imbue the tie case with an unmistakable pearl luster as well as an extraordinary depth that highlight its quality; the case is decorated using IML technology and the UV flexographic printing process. The combination of the large-size Colorstream Luxury Twinkle pigments and the turquoise to purple color shift of the Colorstream Pacific Twinkle pigments creates a glittering, converging interplay of colors that recalls the expanse of the sea and its fascinating hues.

Visitors will no doubt be impressed with the set of playing cards whose offset coating contains additives from the Securalic range. Printing inks containing Securalic offer security on all levels, with elements such as interference effects, complex color shifts, and covert or forensic features. In a time when brand protection is rapidly gaining in importance, Securalic security pigments, which are extremely difficult to counterfeit, enable products to be quickly and easily authenticated.

With the innovative chip-off coating, the cardboard fanradiates pure elegance. The palpable 3D structure is optically enhanced by the intense glitter and brilliance of the large-size Colorstream Luxury Twinkle effect pigments, and the shifting hues of Colorstream Tropic Sunrise make it even more vibrantly striking.

Like colorful pebbles, pieces of chocolate coated in Candurin effect pigments sparkle in an exquisite multihued folding box. While Iriodin 325 Solar Gold Satin provides a warm sheen and Iriodin 4504 Lava Red conveys the passion of a bon vivant, the extremely small, extraordinarily opaque crystals of Biflair 89 effect pigments impart an intense, silky luster. The pure silvery white pigment achieves a luminous metallic effect, lending the packaging a resplendent aura.

When it comes to cosmetics, less is often more. This holds true for the plastic tube that was decorated with Pyrisma interference pigments using a flatbed screen printing technique. This uses a minimum number of pigments to achieve maximum color saturation, impressing observers with a range of colors that is derived from only eight different pigments.

Adhering to the azulejo principle, Merck collaborated with partners to develop all the exhibits; these partners included design agencies and printers, as well as paint, paper and packaging manufacturers.

Countless options for a unique product design

Regardless of whether overprint varnish or paper coating; whether gravure, flexo, screen, or offset printing; whether cardboard, plastic or metal: The exhibits show how Merck effect pigments can be implemented in a multitude of ways. Depending on the printing technique, material, color, and pigment combination, the pigments enable a (nearly) endless range of design options. This results in creative solutions that precisely reflect the properties of the product, clearly setting it apart from the competition and emphasizing its uniqueness.

Visitors inspired by new ideas at the Merck stand (located in the PrintCity area) can have a detailed representation of their idea generated right there. Merck will accompany them on the path to creative solutions, consisting of a four-step test print that allow attendees to sample Merck’s consolidated expertise. Ultimately, they will have in hand the result of a perfectly coordinated creative process.

drupa 2012 attendees can learn more in Hall 6 at stand C35.

Pictures can be ordered from:susanne.scholz@merckgroup.com

You can find more information at www.merck4printing.com and www.pearl-effect.com


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