Trelleborg Launches 'Institute of Contemporary Print' at drupa 2012

Friday, March 02, 2012

Trelleborg Printing Solutions, a leading manufacturer of printing blankets, will launch the “Institute of Contemporary Print” at DRUPA 2012, a huge printing exhibition held May 3-16 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The exhibit will be a creative and interactive space in which visitors to the show can relax, experience exciting art and discover the possibilities of modern print. The Institute promises visitors the opportunity to see more innovative printing solutions in one space than ever before.

“We have been coming to DRUPA for many years now, as it provides the ideal opportunity for us to bring our high-performance products and solutions direct to the people that can benefit from them most,” said Trelleborg Engineered Systems PA Director Thomas Linkenheil.  “We are the only printing blanket manufacturer to offer solutions across all three segments – offset, digital and Flexo.

“However, this year, as well as showcasing new products such as our Vulcan® Synthesis Evo and Rollin® MyCoat, we wanted to go the extra mile and really showcase the capabilities of our entire range of high-performance printing solutions. The Institute of Contemporary Print provides the ultimate vehicle for us to do this.

“Taking center stage within the Institute will be ‘The Masters’ Collection,’ a compilation of artworks produced in association with aspiring students from Germany and the Netherlands. These have been specifically developed to showcase modern interpretations of some of the world’s most famous pieces of art, while demonstrating the versatility, capabilities and range of our printing blankets on virtually any substrate.”

The company will also launch a new blanket for its high-performance Vulcan® range at the show. The Vulcan® Synthesis Evo is the next generation in sleeve development for the heatset sector and features an innovative new design and carrier.

In addition, Trelleborg will reveal its new Rollin® MyCoat, a two-ply Mylar-based strippable coating blanket. Available in three thicknesses – .077 inch, .053 inch and .045 inch – the specialized construction of this new blanket makes stripping simple; the innovative compressible layer of the blanket strips down to the blue layer, allowing the end user to see if knockouts are correct and precise. A specially designed top rubber compound makes the blanket suitable for use with both aqueous and UV coating applications.

The Institute of Contemporary Print also invites delegates to be a part of DRUPA history and get involved with the first live mosaic, which will be created at the booth out of delegates’ photos. As the event progresses, so will the interactive collage.  By the end of the two-week exhibition, a modern-day masterpiece will be revealed for all to enjoy.

“With so many great pieces of artwork being created and displayed, we couldn’t let them go to waste,” Linkenheil said. “So, a daily reverse auction will also take place on stand, with visitors asked to give their lowest unique bid for a chance to win these unique pieces of art. All bids will be taken digitally, with no money changing hands. Winning bids will be matched by Trelleborg and donated to The Printing Charity, a cause close to our hearts. We are really looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand for a truly masterful experience.”

A team of Trelleborg technical experts will be on hand to take delegates through the booth as well as the products that were used to create the Masters’ Collection.

For more information on Trelleborg Printing Solutions, visit Trelleborg.com/printing.