Orchestrated Direct Marketing Gives Marketers Edge

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Marketers who leverage live data to enhance the timeliness and relevance of their outbound marketing messages can achieve nearly six (6) times the return on investment of marketers who are less strategic in their approach, according to a new study by noted marketing industry analyst David Daniels of The Relevancy Group. The study was funded by Intelisent, a company dedicated to helping marketers leverage "Data that Delivers" to improve the success of outbound marketing campaigns.

The study showed that marketers who "orchestrate" their campaigns by delivering highly personalized messages via multiple messaging channels at precisely synchronized intervals can achieve nearly four (4) times the revenue and six (6) times the ROI of marketers who use less sophisticated approaches.

According to Daniels, "It's not surprising that consumers react more positively to those messages that are relevant and coordinated across channels. What is surprising is how little marketers use this tactic to its fullest, especially when the return is so high." The full study can be found at http://www.intelisent.com/whitepaper.

"Smart marketers want to use every tool at their disposal to improve customer engagement and activation rates. They need the message to be relevant and the consumer to be willing to hear the message," according to Intelisent founder and CEO Mark Mandell. "The toolset we've developed at

Intelisent delivers personal messaging and rich, real-time data - and the means to leverage that data towards a successful outbound marketing outcome."

The study is titled "Personalized Marketing and Real Time Data."  Some other key findings include:

  • Marketers who embrace segmentation and personalization experience fewer challenges and greater results than those who don't.
  • Ten (10) percent of consumers who receive relevant marketing emails share them on their social networks on a regular basis, a number that is as high as 22% with consumers in younger demographic segments.
  • Contrary to common logic, the messages in most e-mail marketing efforts are far less personalized than offline direct mail messages.
  • The majority of marketers have not integrated the disparate array of customer data sources into a centralized database for direct marketing purposes.
  • Only 25% of direct marketers embrace essential testing tactics, such as control versus lift and multi-variant analysis.

It is exciting for us to see data-driven findings from The Relevancy Group that support our decision to launch Intelisent as a new and separate business," said Mandell. The company is a spin off of direct marketing leader Data-Mail, which was founded in 1971 in Newington, CT. "Our direct marketing background has led us to develop outstanding data processing capabilities. So we know how to generate messages that are custom to the individual with custom terms. Our core Intelisent products allow us to monitor minute details about message arrival, both online and offline."

"More and more customers have asked us to help them execute campaigns based on new and strategic ways to reach their target audience with great messages and offers delivered in a time-sensitive manner. We've been winning business based on a new model, and we've recognized the opportunity to invest in a broader platform that provides essential tools for orchestrated direct marketing."

Marketers leveraging the Intelisent platform can create minutely segmented messages and deliver them across print and electronic channels in a highly orchestrated manner.  They can:

  • Track and leverage delivery and open data in real-time so that traditional direct marketing efforts can be reinforced by electronic tactics and vice versa.
  • Use remittance mail tracking to manage cash flow.
  • Use mail delivery information to predict store traffic so retailers can shift inventory and balance staffing.
  • Create a call center script with similar custom messaging, based on the details known about that consumer - and only call the consumer when a specified set of campaign actions has already occurred.

According to Mandell, "We view our data processing, data monitoring and message delivery capabilities as critical assets for marketers who are looking for ways to improve engagement, conversion, and ROI in their outbound marketing campaigns."


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