School of Print Media Releases ‘Test Targets 10’

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The standardization of printing, process control and color management are all at the center of the latest edition of the popular printing industry publication Test Targets 10, published by Rochester Institute of Technology.

The publication contains six papers, authored by School of Print Media faculty, students and industry professionals. Two papers focus on printing standardization and conformity assessment, two papers look at the effects of paper containing optical brightening agents, one paper discusses ink verification and another looks at a press calibration comparison.

“Many people collect Test Targets because they contain printed samples to showcase what’s possible with prepress and printing technologies,” says Robert Chung, Gravure Research Professor in the RIT School of Print Media. “In this issue, Test Targets showcases the visual effect of pictorial and synthetic color images printed on paper with and without optical brightening agents.”

The 84-page publication was printed at RIT on the Goss 2000 web offset press, with custom insert pages printed on the Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 sheet-fed offset press and a cover printed on the HP/Indigo 7000 digital printing press. Test Targets 10 is a practical application of the integration of digital data that are color managed and printed across multiple marking technologies — both digital and traditional printing devices.

Test Targets 10 represents a global and integrated effort from top researchers and industry experts,” adds Chris Bondy, administrative chair, RIT School of Print Media. “Collaboration on this publication was provided by a number of distinguished experts. David McDowell, Abhay Sharma, Elie Khoury and Eddy Hagen all served as peer reviewers to ensure the quality of this publication. The Test Targets publication has been a longstanding outcome of RIT’s continual commitment towards thought leadership in the area of print media and process control.”

Test Targets publications are distributed for classroom use and are also available for visitors of the RIT School of Print Media. To purchase your own copy of the current or back issues of Test Targets, go to the RIT Cary Press Web store at carypress.rit.edu/subject/print-media. Issues of Test Targets are available for $24.95 plus shipping. Profits from the sale of the publication are donated to the RIT School of Print Media scholarship fund.