La Crosse Litho Supply Offers New Proofing Papers

Press release from the issuing company

La Crosse Litho Supply announces two new proofing papers developed to work specifically with the new ISO-3664-2009 D50 lighting standards.  
“Labeled PrecisionImage™ D50 Standard Certified Contract Proofing Paper, these papers were developed specifically for the new lighting standards,” reports Matt Fehn, Director of Technology for La Crosse Litho Supply.  “The transition to this new lighting standard has been ongoing for over a year and the change is mandated by SWOP™ as of January 1, 2012.”

According to Fehn, “We are finding that the vast majority of the existing papers do not match typical press stocks when viewed under the new lighting standards and often have an unappealing yellow or greenish cast.  In contrast, PrecisionImage™ D50 Standard Certified Contract Proofing Paper achieves a favorable, neutral white point that much more closely resembles typical press stocks.”
New Versus Old Evaluation at Color Conference

Fehn continues, “At the 2011 PIA Color Management Conference, an impromptu meeting was held to look at the effects of common press stocks and common proofing papers under the old and the new lighting standards. Samples without any printing were used in order to simply evaluate the white point.
“First, we looked at a variety of press stocks under the old lighting. Typical visual differences existed with some greater than others. Then we evaluated the same samples under the new lighting. The effects of the different levels of optical brighteners was much more obvious, and the result was a much greater range of white points. The papers looked much more different from each other than they did under the old light.
“Next, we moved the press stocks back to the old lighting and added a range of proofing stocks from various suppliers. We evaluated how their white points compared to the different press stocks. All of the proofing stocks were a reasonably close match to one or more press stocks. Then we moved the samples into the new lighting. All but one of the proofing stocks turned a yellow or greenish color, making them a poor match to the press stocks. One stock, PrecisionImage™ D50 Standard Certified Contract Proofing Paper, was a good match to some of the press stocks.

“In short, what we learned at the Color Management Conference, was that press stocks look different depending on the level of optical brighteners, and a wider variety of proofing stocks with the appropriate level of optical brighteners will be required in order to match the differences.”
Available in both 200 and 240 gsm, PrecisionImage™ D50 Standard Certified Contract Proofing Paper meets the contract proofing needs of those targeting G7™ under the new lighting standards.
Owner and President of La Crosse Litho Supply, Randy Peters, says, “La Crosse Litho Supply is committed to offering our customers, and our industry as a whole, all the components of color.  All of the pieces have to fit together to give our customers the very best in their quest for color accuracy and better serving their customer base.”
To receive a Technology Bulletin discussing the new D50 lighting standards, please call or write for more information: info@lacrosselitho.com or 1-800-658-9022, requesting Technical Bulletin #3, D50 Lighting Standards.

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