Infinity Publishing Makes Print-on-Demand Books Returnable

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Oct. 20, 2003-- Infinity Publishing, the leading Print-on-Demand (POD) Publisher since 1997, announced today that it will begin accepting returns on all their titles. This move dramatically changes the POD industry which, until now, has maintained a "non-returnable" policy. Said Tom Gregory, president and CEO of Infinity Publishing: "It's very discouraging for authors to have a book that can't be returned. Bookstores must be able to return merchandise and when 30,000 bookstores nationwide won't stock books because of the returns situation, authors face a major obstacle to book promotion and distribution." This groundbreaking announcement levels the playing field, giving Infinity Publishing and their authors the ability to have their books sold in bookstores nationwide. Never again will Infinity authors hear from bookstore managers, "We can't stock your books because they're non-returnable." "What we're doing is giving our authors another opportunity for success," said Gregory, "all Infinity Publishing titles ordered directly from Infinity by any bookstore will be fully returnable for up to one year from date of purchase without any restocking charge. This is unheard of in the POD industry. Authors deserve a fair shot and we hope this move will help them attain the success they deserve."