New Oce VarioPrint 2105 Now Generally Available

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

CHICAGO--Sept. 29, 2003-- Oce, the leading provider of production-class printing and copying solutions, today announced general availability for the Oce VarioPrint 2105, a high-volume digital printer/copier/scanner. With an output speed of 101 PPM, the Oce VarioPrint 2105 delivers the rock-solid reliability, application versatility and cost-effective performance that define Oce production-class solutions in any environment. With a monthly duty cycle of up to 1.5 million prints, the Oce VarioPrint 2105 is ideal for high-volume reprographic environments. The new system helps customers make the transition from analog copying to digital printing without lost productivity or expensive retraining. The Oce VarioPrint 2105 offers a multitude of processing environments, including office, CRD and corporate print room operations, performance-enhancing capabilities usually found only on production-level equipment, such as intelligent queue, paper, storage and system management; simultaneous printing, RIPping and scanning; and external finishing equipment support. Its ability to concurrently process analog and digital jobs cuts wait time. "The new Oce VarioPrint 2105 validates our commitment to provide customers with adaptable, flexible and versatile performance systems that have investment protection," said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing, Oce Printing Systems USA. "With this newest solution, we are extending into the print room the reliability and functionality that customers have come to expect from Oce." Oce's future-proof adaptability endows the Oce VarioPrint 2105 with built-in investment protection. This modular device can be configured as a complete scan, make ready and print solution to handle a host of applications all from one system. The scalable, cost-effective Oce VarioPrint 2105 system is ideal for the evolving graphic arts and on-demand print needs of today. The scanner unit, printer module, and unique operator-friendly console work seamlessly together to provide cost-effective performance. For maximum uptime and flexibility, multiple print engines can be integrated into one configuration. The clustered configurations give the print room unbeatable performance and horsepower to handle larger volume, deadline-driven applications. Powerful Oce ImageLogic technology and controller architecture are at the core of the system's performance advantage. The Oce ImageLogic productivity tool automatically enhances scanned originals, eliminating delays from manual adjustments and intervention, so jobs are done faster. The Oce VarioPrint 2105 can be combined with Oce PRISMA workflow software solutions for a powerful approach to today's multi-vendor document environments. Oce PRISMA is an architected family of workflow management software solutions that allow organizations to maximize the performance and cost-effectiveness of multi-vendor operations independent of location, system, or print device. Oce PRISMA eliminates the inconsistencies, investment redundancies, and other tough issues that plague both single- and multi-vendor workflows. The new system can be operated in conjunction with Oce Doc Works Exec and Oce Office Exec to further optimize print-on-demand workflow in high volume CRD environments. Users can select print options and features without the bother of configuring print devices. Oce software will intelligently route print jobs to the right printer, track print job costs, and provide robust accounting information for departmental billing. These capabilities can decrease payment timeframes and reduce customer support inquiries.