Italian printer picks Goss M-600 for first web offset press

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Commercial printer Poligrafica Industriale of Naples, Italy is investing in a new Goss M-600 web offset press to improve its competitive edge in the marketplace. The move from exclusively sheetfed production will enable Poligrafica Industriale to offer customers faster turnaround and new products.
Scheduled for delivery in March 2011, the four-unit Goss M-600 press has been specified with a Goss JF-55 folder and a Goss Ecocool dryer. The new 16-page press will complement the services of four 40-inch (70 x 100cm) sheetfed presses producing 300,000 sheets per day. Poligrafica Industriale plans to exploit the capabilities of the new press to achieve extensive penetration of the high-quality catalog printing market.
According to Mariano Fiorenza, joint owner and the company's technical director, the M-600 press outshone competitive offerings in several respects. "With its high level of automation and operational consistency, the M-600 is in a league of its own in terms of fast makereadies, which helps ensure that the press is earning money for the maximum amount of time," he explains. Added to that is an incomparable print quality which makes us confident that our existing sheetfed customers are likely to only notice positive differences, especially with a quicker turnaround and more competitive prices."
Poligrafica Industriale currently prints from two sites in Naples, generating a wide variety of commercial publications, high-volume print items and packaging products for mostly private industrial companies nationwide. Only four years old, the company is managed by two cousins who share ambitious targets for expansion and a vision of web technology driving this success.
With a healthy order book but increasing pressure from customers for higher quality, shorter runs and shorter delivery times, the company decided that it could benefit from boosting both its production capacity and its product portfolio.
"The marketplace today is very challenging, and we need to enhance our product and service offering to maintain a competitive edge," comments Antonio Fiorenza, co-owner and managing director. "We are already well established as a high-quality printer of publications. With its flexibility, speed and efficiency, web offset offers an undeniable step up in terms of production capacity, while the exceptional print quality of the M-600 press in particular also opens up the world of high-end publishing to us. In the face of increasing pressure on the sheetfed sector from digital, this press will provide us with new opportunities to keep growing our business."