Sports Illustrated on the iPad uses more Advanced WoodWing digital magazine tools

Friday, June 25, 2010

Zaandam, The Netherlands - WoodWing Software, a leading supplier of innovative cross-media publishing solutions, acknowledged today that Sports Illustrated has been launched on the iPad. Using WoodWing's Digital Magazine Tools, Sports Illustrated has taken the user-interface of its iPad magazine to a new level. Through the extensive use of hotspots, pop-ups, live Web content and sharing functions, the content has been enriched, resulting in an exhilarating experience.

WoodWing's Digital Magazine Tools coupled with Adobe's InDesign technology enable publishers to easily create beautifully designed and compelling content for the iPad in almost the same way they produce content for print. Because these tools present themselves simply as new panels in InDesign, the layout staff is easily able to use them without special training. The Digital Magazine Tools are an extension to WoodWing's Enterprise publishing system, which is already being used by numerous publishers around the world for their print publications.

"Sports Illustrated succeeded in turning the iPad version of their magazine into something unique," said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. "Not only has the famous 'wheel' to operate various sharing functions been implemented in the app, they also make extensive use of the newest features available in our Digital Magazine Tools. We were blown away when we saw the creative applications they have come up with."

Interactive features
In the Sports Illustrated app, special attention has been paid to the interactive features. When touching the screen for about one second, a navigation wheel appears, offering options to share the content via the social networks Facebook and Twitter, or to send an e-mail. In addition, live Web content - like player statistics - or related pictures and articles can be accessed directly.

Furthermore, the design team has made extensive use of hotspots and overlays, to add extra layers of information to the content directly visible on the screen. This has also been applied to the advertisements, making them "multi-dimensional."

"WoodWing 's talented development team lived up to our expectations by adding a number of great new features to the creation tools and the iPad reader, so that the Sports Illustrated experience on the iPad would meet our requirements," said Mitchell A. Klaif, CIO of Time Inc.

"We still have plenty of features on our wish list and under development at the moment, but I think the iPad apps available today clearly show that we're offering a versatile and mature solution," Erik Schut added. "Sports Illustrated demonstrates that the current possibilities are only limited by the designer's imagination. I encourage those who wait to simply start doing it!"

Additional information and demo videos showing WoodWing's iPad solutions can be found at www.woodwing.com/ipad.

The Sports Illustrated app can be downloaded from the Appstore.