New Web-to-Print White Paper by Jennifer Matt Now Available in WhatTheyThink Store

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Insider Perspective: 10 Web-to-Print Mistakes to Avoid offers independent insider perspective based on direct experience with six different technology providers and hundreds of web-to-print projects

Lexington, Kentucky USA – WhatTheyThink, the printing and publishing industry's leading media organization, today announced the availability of a new white paper in the WhatTheyThink store.  Insider Perspective: 10 Web-to-Print Mistakes to Avoid, by independent web-to-print expert Jennifer Matt provides unique insight and guidance to print service providers based on more than 16 years of working in the web-to-print vendor community.

“Printers deserve an easier transition to migrating their businesses online,” said Matt.  “There has been too much money and time wasted during tough economic times where we should be squeezing every penny of value out of every investment.  That is why I wrote this paper.  I believe sharing these lessons will decrease the mistakes going forward, rewarding printers with more ROI and making the partnerships between printers and vendors more effective.”

According to the Must See ‘ems technology panel, Web-to-Print is a critical technology for the survival of printing operations in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive environment.  Whether you have not yet implemented web-to-print or you are looking to upgrade or replace a current system, this affordable paper, priced at $75 for a single-user license, will provide critical insight that will help that decision process be more effective.

Visit the WhatTheyThink store today to purchase this important addition to your personal library.  For more information about this white paper, or speaking and consulting engagements through the WhatTheyThink Consulting Services, contact cary@whattheythink.com.

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About Jennifer Matt

With over 16 years in the web-to-print vendor community, Jennifer Matt offers an insider and independent perspective based on direct experience with six different technology providers and hundreds of web-to-print projects.  Perspective provides a unique view of any given challenge.  Much of Jennifer’s perspective comes from working on web-to-print technologies (selling, implementing and supporting web solutions for printers of all sizes).  Knowing the technology has been helpful; but what has been truly invaluable is the combination of knowing the technology and understanding the print business from the front lines.  Real ROI is delivered when the technology enables a solid business strategy.