Exell Technologies strengthen its technical service offerings in South Africa

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pretoria – Exell Technologies partners with 3f8h.net to strengthen its solution and technical support service in the graphics-art and publishing workflow automation solutions.
Automating and streamlining the communication between creator and printer is becoming much more than just something of the future, it is a necessity for any business to survive. Speed, quality and cost in any business today, means surviving next month. Many hours and money is wasted each day on common human error, the problem of mundane tasks, communication gaps, keeping track and the biggest problem "the blame game". It is crucial for any business involved with print buying or print production to understand the value of automation, which will eliminate mundane tasks such as preflighting, common mistake correction, bottlenecks, missing deadline, transparency but most importantly cost reduction.

Think about time wasted in the following scenario: 5 jobs are submitted to DTP, first two jobs have 30min worth work to be done, last 3 jobs at the bottom of the pile is faultless (but nobody knows this), two operators now spend 30min on 2 jobs while the other 3 are left, 1st operator less experienced and spends an hour on job one, second operator discovers more problems with file and spends two hours on the job. Time wasted, who carries the cost? Now compare it with a simple automated workflow, entry level, add an automated preflight solution to this and you get the following:
5 files submitted to DTP, preflight workflow picks up problems with first two jobs, moves to folder and notifies operator of problems and file is waiting correction, time saved in operator having to search for the problems, the other 3 files moves automatically to next level, immediate workflow streamlining bottleneck in DTP reduced. Total saving of more than 2 hours.
 "After some visits to SA and with exposure at PrintExpo we quickly realized SA is at the same place EU was 3 years ago, seeing and realizing the value of automation. For this reason we saw value by partnering with Exell who's focused is automation and already agents of most automation products. To form this new exciting partnership adding value to the SA market with our over 10 years experience of a changing market enabling a constant knowledge transfer of what worked and is working in the equivalent EU markets, also adding value in the expanding of both companies" states Sebastian Nafroth, Owner of 3f8h.net.
Exell Technologies and 3f8h.net will work together in not only providing products that solves headaches and bottlenecks but more importantly, continued training and complete customized solutions that fits your business. Each business is different and we understand this. We now also have the experience of what works and delivers success in automation.
"Exell Technologies has now been operating for just over three and half years, constantly researching best of breed products that offer our customers total control and customisable solutions. We understand the urgency and complexity of automation but we also understand that it is important for our clients not to be pushed into a boxed solution, there are always something missing from boxed solutions but now with new partnerships such as 3f8h.net we can truly offer our customers a total solution that can be chopped and change to adapt to their special requirements. Whether it is a creator or large publishing house, we will save time, cost and streamline. I am very excited that the technical backend is now closed with this exciting new partnership, knowing we can offer our clients product with trailed and tested solutions, with expert support and training.", states Dewald Rosema, Owner of Exell Technologies.