DVH WEISS-DRUCK extends its GEOMAN printing system

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DVH WEISS-DRUCK in Hoyerswerda, Germany, is upgrading its GEOMAN which was installed in 2005. Another printing tower and another web will increase the page and color capacity for coldset production. This will enable DVH WEISS-DRUCK to respond more flexibly to customer requirements.

DVH WEISS-DRUCK's GEOMAN printing system at the Druckhaus Bergen location near Hoyerswerda produces the weekly newspaper WochenKurier along with other print products such as advertising inserts as a trade printer. Managing Director Georg Weiss reports on the investment that comprises an additional printing tower and web: "We provide millions of people in Saxony with local news. Our GEOMAN runs around the clock printing more than two million newspapers every week. This is only possible with maximum flexibility and reliability, especially with time-sensitive products in long runs. By extending the GEOMAN we achieve this objective."

They know it works
DVH WEISS-DRUCK knows from past experience how effective web press upgrades can be. Already in 1996 and 1999, GEOMAN presslines were extended with printing towers, reel splicers and folder components. And this time as well the manroland printservices team is ready to get the job done – the installation is scheduled to start in October. DVH WEISS-DRUCK is taking advantage of upgrades offered by manroland printservices which enables them to react quickly and appropriately to market requirements also between investments in new printing systems. This extension makes the GEOMAN state-of-the-art and meets customer requirements which is a key factor for the ongoing success of the printing company.

DVH WEISS-DRUCK in Hoyerswerda was founded in 1991 and with more than 60 employees specializes in printing newspapers and newspaper-similar products in coldset web offset. It is a full-service company that offers completely digital prepress operations, newspaper printing, finishing and logistics. DVH WEISS-DRUCK belongs to Weiss-Druck GmbH & Co. KG, Monschau. The Weiss Group currently comprises almost 30 companies and associated companies involved in printing, publishing and media services with over 1,200 people employed in Western and Eastern Germany.