Topknotch Prep & Print Installs 2nd Presstek 34DI

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hudson, NH -- Presstek, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing solutions, today reported that Topknotch Prep & Print of Mississauga, Ontario, has acquired its second Presstek 34DI digital offset press in order to accommodate business growth, while maintaining the quality level and turnaround time their customers require.
"It didn't take us long for business demands to exceed the capacity of our first 34DI press," said Amin Suleman, owner. "Even though we added a second shift, we were still farming out more than a quarter of our work. With our second DI press, we will be able to bring almost everything in house and have room to grow."
Topnotch plans to dedicate one Presstek 34DI press to shorter runs (starting at 500 sheets), jobs with PMS colors, varnishes and four-color envelopes, while the 2nd DI will be used for longer-run work.  "We have one project," he explains, "that is 100,000 impressions with a black plate change every 2,000 sheets to customize the piece for different locations. Even this longer run job is still quite profitable to produce on the DI press."
Suleman was considering the acquisition of a 19" x 25" conventional offset press, but found that his clients were not satisfied with anything but the 300 lpi printing the Presstek DI press produces without any additional time or expense. "Many of our clients want to purchase environmentally-friendly, high quality printing that cannot be produced using the conventional offset process. The DI's waterless printing and chemistry-free platemaking process, combined with the ability to use recycled papers, has been a win/win for both Topnotch and our customers.  It does not make sense to introduce conventional offset into our operation at this point."
Presstek 34DI: Profitability, Speed, Quality and Environmental Benefits
For companies looking for a faster and more profitable way to produce environmentally friendly, high-quality, short-run color printing, Presstek's 34DI digital offset press is the ideal solution.  This highly automated sheetfed, four-color DI press effectively bridges the gap between conventional offset and digital toner-based presses by offering one of the lowest costs per sheet for print run quantities ranging from 500 to 20,000. According to InfoTrends research, the Presstek DI delivers a 50 percent cost savings on average per letter-size page when compared to a high-volume production color toner-based device and job profitability is 13 percent higher on a DI press when compared to a conventional offset press.
Presstek's 34DI press offers the ability to print on a wide range of substrates from 0.06 mm to 0.5 mm (0.0024" to 0.02") thick. High quality is achieved with up to 300 lpi printing, as well as stochastic (FM) screening without incurring additional time or expense. Presstek operates at printing speeds of up to 7,000 sheets per hour, while supporting a maximum sheet size of 13.39" x 18.11" (340 x 460mm).
"Amin Suleman and his team at Topknotch have been very creative in their approach to growing their business," said Todd Phillips, Presstek Sales Director for Canada. "By dedicating their second Presstek DI press to more specialized shorter run applications, which can usually command higher margins, he is optimizing the print manufacturing process and making it easy to explore new opportunities, such as printing on plastics, and perhaps ultimately adding the UV option to one of the presses.  These are the types of strategies for success that are requisite for growth in today's print market."