William M. Blake Joins WhatTheyThink Speakers Bureau

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Noted specialist in all aspects of digital document security brings new expertise to WhatTheyThink speaker resources

Lexington, Kentucky USA -- WhatTheyThink today reported that William M. Blake has joined its Speakers Bureau as an expert in digital document security. Blake is available to support industry conferences and events to address this increasingly important topic.

“Print service providers have always had an obligation to protect customer data,” said Cary Sherburne, Director of Services at WhatTheyThink.  “When that data consisted of film, plates and camera ready copy, that task was relatively easy.  But it today’s complex world of digital files and data, it is a greater challenge.” 

Blake’s expertise lies in document content management, managing information from the first point of contact throughout its life cycle.  “It is important for print service providers to not only transmit and receive data and information securely,” said Blake, “but also to protect it from risk.  This includes the ability to determine who should have what rights to what information and enabling secure risk-free handling of data at rest, data in transit and data in use.”

According to Blake, today’s enterprise digital rights management solutions are more affordable and easier to use than ever before. Digital rights management solutions prevent document leakage; that is, they control digital documents in a manner that prevents them from being used inappropriately to ensure regulatory compliance and enterprise security.  They ensure that the right policy travels with the document throughout its life cycle, especially important in the healthcare and financial services industries or when dealing with other confidential information.

“We are pleased to have someone of Blake’s caliber join our team,” added Sherburne.  “This is a critical topic that all print service providers, and the suppliers that support them, should be considering as our work mix grows increasingly digital. Blake’s thorough, yet grounded, presentation style easily brings this highly technical topic to an understandable and informative level.”

Blake is the President of eDocument Sciences LLC, an IT consulting firm that specializes in document process optimization.

For more information about how a WhatTheyThink expert speaker can add value to your meeting or event, visit members.whattheythink.com/speakers or email Cary Sherburne, Director of Services for WhatTheyThink, at Cary@WhatTheyThink.com.

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