BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Engages Industry-Leading Mailers

Friday, May 29, 2009

Durham, N.C. -- At this year's National Postal Forum, visitors to BÖWE BELL + HOWELL's (BBH) booth engaged in quality discussions about leading industry trends such as the rising cost of postage as part of the total cost of mailing, the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), and solutions for the inserting and sorting environment.
"There was some speculation that this year's Forum would be lightly attended," says Mark Van Gorp, vice president, business development. "While we did see a decrease in the number of attendees, we found that those who attended were industry leaders. We were fortunate to be able to engage in in-depth discussions with those leaders on topics such as leveraging opportunities presented by new USPS regulations, reducing postage costs and evaluating new concepts. All in all, the Forum was a great success for us."
Forum attendees who visited the BBH booth viewed the Criterion APEXä sorter and NetSort suite of software products, which help mailrooms increase sorting efficiency and take full advantage of U.S. Postal Service automation discounts available to mailers who use IMBs. Also shown in the booth were the Comboâ inserting system, BBH Services and the PTI-45ä sorting machine.
"In the context of the economic pressure mailers are under, I found it encouraging that the National Postal Forum was able to successfully attract the caliber of attendee that it did," notes John Lombard, president, BÖWE BELL + HOWELL. "We spent a great deal of time listening to our customers and working together to discover ways to assist them in reducing postage costs while coming into compliance with new USPS regulations. We were also pleased to verify that our solutions align with their changing needs."
For more information on BÖWE BELL + HOWELL, contact Eileen Sarro at 919-767-7625 or eileen.sarro@bowebellhowell.com, or visit www.bowebellhowell.com.