ICS breaks new ground in color accurate remote proofing

Monday, September 14, 2009

CHICAGO - Almost a decade after pioneering color accurate monitor proofing, Integrated Color Solutions (ICS) is fostering the next milestone in the category.  Currently the only provider to offer a full range of proofing capabilities, ICS has worked diligently on a port of its award winning color proofing technology to an exciting new browser-based platform. This latest advancement will be the first and only completely browser based proofing system including its own calibration and verification from inside the browser. These plug-ins have been segmented into independent modules to handle each of ICS's core competency technologies including award-winning calibration and verification.
Phase One Rollout: "Out of the Box" Remote Proofing Opportunity for OEM Partners
OEM and Integration partners will have the first opportunity to take advantage of the important development efforts from ICS.  "Since the introduction of the first certified monitor proofing (or Virtual Proofing) system, ICS has pursued the ultimate goal of monitor proofing across the entire workflow and thus we have always subscribed to the idea of making our product as open and easy-to-integrate as possible.  We're very pleased to be able to open up our core proofing technologies even further to benefit a wider group of workflow users than ever before," says ICS president and CEO, Jeffrey Silverman.
Silverman explains, "In the past, ICS SDKs (software development kits) only allowed integration into the Remote Director product, now any OEM partner can choose only the functionality that they require and we can provide an SDK which will allow them to integrate this technology inside their existing product or application."
PRINT 09 Attendees Can Learn More by Visiting ICS in its Co-located Booth with CMG #1463.