BARBIERI Intros color entry-level measuring device

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Since his introduction in 2004 the Spectro LFP became the reference spectrophotometer for large format, flatbed and industrial printing. His worldwide unique features made this special color measuring device unbeatable in these markets.

Today BARBIERI electronic launches the entry-level model Spectro LFP Basic. It takes part of the best in class Spectro LFP family and grants the same high measuring quality as the Spectro LFP RT.

The Spectro LFP Basic differs from his big brother "RT" as the measuring aperture is fixed at 6mm, it effects reflective measurements only and it comes at a very interesting price. The Spectro LFP Basic can be upgraded easily to a Spectro LFP RT with all his unique special features such as transmissive readings and switchable measuring aperture.

Target customers for the Spectro LFP Basic are large format printing labs or industrial printers which actually do not have the necessity for transmissive readings but need the special features of a high quality color measuring device especially designed for their needs. Also for textile printers the Spectro LFP Basic is the ideal solution. It performs fully automatically measurements of any kind of reflective media with a thickness up to 20mm. Thanks to its big measuring aperture (6mm) it guarantees highest accuracy readings also on difficult media such as textiles, fabrics, banner, mesh, cardboard and ceramics. Furthermore it is supported by most Rip software.

The Spectro LFP Basic will be shown for the first time at FESPA Digital in Amsterdam (12. – 14. May 2009) on booth J75.