RR Donnelley Introduces 1200 DPI Four Color Inkjet Web Press

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CHICAGO - (May 27, 2008) RR Donnelley & Sons Company announced today the installation of its proprietary Integrated Printing System (IPS) 3, the industry's first 1200 dot per inch (DPI) four color inkjet web press. Developed in-house by RR Donnelley, the digital press will deliver enhanced speed and affordability for high quality variable printing applications.

"RR Donnelley has been quietly developing printing technologies for more than thirty years," said Thomas J. Quinlan III, RR Donnelley's President and Chief Executive Officer. "We listen carefully to our customers and serve their needs with an optimal blend of proprietary and commercially available solutions. Our talented technology team developed IPS 3 to support growing customer demand for a higher quality, higher speed and more cost-effective four color variable printing system."

At 1200 dots per inch the IPS 3 doubles the resolution of the RR Donnelley-developed IPS 2 600 DPI four color inkjet web presses that the company deployed more than a year ago. The new 30" wide IPS 3 inkjet web press runs at rated production speeds of 400 feet per minute for four color print output and 800 feet per minute for two color output.

John Paloian, RR Donnelley's Chief Operating Officer stated, "IPS 3 is the latest in a continuing series of high speed, high quality printing systems that RR Donnelley has developed. The initial applications that this technology will serve are in the financial services sector, opening the door to even more effective TransPromotional communications. RR Donnelley is a leading provider of statement processing services. The IPS 3 enables even more cost-effective, high quality cross-selling and up-selling messages to be included in the statement and other transactional communications that consumers are virtually certain to open and read."

RR Donnelley already employs proprietary digital printing technologies and a range of commercially available units across its extensive production network.

"We expect that this eagerly awaited innovation will deliver immediate benefits to our customers across a range of industries," continued Mr. Paloian. "In combination with our proven direct response and transactional printing capabilities, it represents an important next step in meeting the evolving demand for high quality, highly personalized communications."