Survey Advantage releases industry benchmark on print buyer loyalty

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jamestown, RI -- As part of its commitment to help printers develop profitable, highly responsive, customer-focused organizations, Survey Advantage (www.surveyadvantage.com), a customer research and loyalty firm, has released a new report for all CustomerPulse customers. The report tracks customer loyalty and a referral rating continuously, and benchmarks real-time with other printers.

"It is great that the different printing industry MIS systems are incorporating CustomerPulse into their customer management processes. This enables printers to select jobs and contacts to send a survey in just five minutes a week. With low administration time the printer can now get the same customer intelligence the hospitality industry has been collecting for years. Now any size printer can obtain feedback after jobs are shipped helping them gauge loyalty, promote referral programs, and drive improvements." said Michael Casey, president of Survey Advantage.

CustomerPulse gave printers the ability to launch surveys from within their printing MIS systems such as Printer's Plan, Printer's Plus, and Enterprise Print Management Systems, or batch process with EFI systems, Print Leader and others. The goal with both systems is five minutes a week or less in administration to receive continuous customer feedback.

The CustomerPulse Loyalty Heartbeat now gives printers the ability to continuously stack their loyalty score with other printers. The goal is to drive up the % of customers "Very Likely" to recommend you to others. Study after study shows that loyal customers recommend, promote, and keep prospects knocking on your door. The result is that marketing & sales budgets go down as profits go up. The average referral rating in the printing industry is 82% meaning that 82% of customers are very likely to recommend their printer to others. The best run printers are over 90%.

Survey Advantage's CustomerPulse leverages it's web-based technology and robust database design to deliver a robust, continuous customer-feedback system at a costeffective price to printers:

• Preserve recurring job revenues
• Retain customers at risk
• Identify process breakdowns early
• Respond to dissatisfied customers within minutes
• Identify competitive strengths and weaknesses
• Generate sales leads to expand share
• Identify opportunities to expand services
• Set customer focused team goals based on first hand feedback
• Automatically document customer testimonials daily

For more information on CustomerPulse or the CustomerPulse Loyalty Heartbeat contact Survey Advantage at info@surveyadvantage.com or call 401-560-0311. Please visit www.surveyadvantage.com/printers to view details on printer specific case studies, partnerships, and programs.