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Dalim presents new tools at pre-Drupa conference

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Press release from the issuing company

January 2008 - Solutions focus on providing publishers exciting, dynamic cross-media content with virtual magazines, implementing working JDF applications, and putting Adobe Print Engine on board. 
Kehl, Germany - Dalim Software unveiled several new products to complement its entire portfolio of progressive workflow solutions for the graphic arts industry during a pre-Drupa conference, January 15, 2008 at Düsseldorf, Germany. The company will display its entire portfolio of production automation software at Hall 9, Stand 9C44 and at the Drupa Innovation Parc, Hall 7 during Drupa, 2008 held from May 29-June 11 In Düsseldorf, Germany.
Dalim Software JDF Connectivity Package put to use
Dalim Software has been one of the major drivers of JDF connectivity in the industry, with leading roles in the CIP4 Committee. The company is using its new DALiM TWiST JDF Connectivity Package to connect to and drive applications like Alwan CMYK Optimizer directly from the workflow.
The JDF Connectivity Package in DALiM TWiST is able to send files automatically from the workflow to, for example, the Alwan CMYK Optimizer ink management software solution, allows the files to be processed in the application, and returns the files to the DALiM TWiST workflow. As it does so, it can drive the settings of the ink optimization solution directly from the workflow via the JDF communication standards. By allowing the workflow to provide the setting (for example, maximum ink values for newspapers), neither a dedicated hotfolder nor queue is required. Thus, if a company is operating a database-driven DALiM TWiST workflow, the system can remain fully automated. "Basically, the application becomes a DALiM TWiST tool," describes Bertin Sorgenfrey, Dalim Software head of international marketing. "There is a certain amount of handshake information exchanged, the workflow sends the file, the application processes it, and the file returns to the workflow when the task is done."
Updated version of DALiM MiSTRAL 3.0 features 'Publishers Production Flatplan'
At Drupa 2008, Dalim Software will introduce version 3.0 of DALiM MiSTRAL, its popular production automation and project management/job tracking system. The highlight of the new version will be Publisher's Production Flatplan, specially catered to non-technical users for faster approval of pages. While other page applications show flatplans of designed work, MiSTRAL 3.0 shows true PDF images of complete pages that have been produced through a production workflow. The attractive, new, easy-to-use interface speeds up the process for these users, with more helpful information. Other new DALiM MiSTRAL 3.0 features will be revealed at Drupa.
Two-byte text extraction-only in DALiM DiALOGUE
At Drupa, Dalim Software is introducing new features to DALIM DiALOGUE, a stand-alone SWOP Certified monitor-based proofing application running under the Macintosh OS X operating system. DALiM DiALOGUE provides companies a way to provide remote and collaborative viewing and soft proofing of high-resolution files (PDF, PostScript and TIFF-IT, among others) via the Internet. The version of DALiM DiALOGUE demonstrated at Drupa will feature text extraction, the ability to highlight text when viewing a proof on a monitor, and cutting and pasting that text with edits into a comment. Unlike other monitor-based proofing systems that show a page as a rasterized image, text is demonstrated as a vector component. This saves a reviewer time, because the person does not have to retype copy that requires changes. This feature is also available for all 2-byte/Kanji fonts.
DALiM DiALOGUE is also seamlessly integrated into other Dalim Software solutions-most notably, DALiM MiSTRAL. Thus, when pages are selected from DALiM MiSTRAL, they are immediately provided as monitor-based proofs in DALiM DiALOGUE and, if a page is approved (or rejected), it is immediately noted in DALiM MiSTRAL.
DALiM DiALOGUE also features a closed loop calibration system-unique in a web-based application without the need for client software. As soon as the client logs into DALiM DiALOGUE (or opens a page in DALiM MiSTRAL), DALiM DiALOGUE will ask the user to conduct a quick check of the monitor with a spectrophotometer, to confirm that it is within standards. If not, DALiM DiALOGUE will ask the user to calibrate the monitor. Thus, the system is always assured that the user is viewing the page with a valid profile, and will make a record that the user calibrated the system properly. If the user declines to calibrate the monitor, the system can be modified to prevent the user from viewing the page-or it will allow the user to view and approve the file, but with a note that the person did not use a correct profile. "With this new option, printers can be assured that a proof is being viewed with required, calibrated profiles," comments Bertin Sorgenfrey. "And, this is done automatically. The operator has no software to install."
Introduction of DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY
Just as the "Publishers Production Flatpan" will improve the usability of DALiM MiSTRAL and make page approvals quicker and easier, DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY presents a realistic view of a magazine for approval. To date, technology demonstrations have been presented at trade shows, but Drupa will represent the official launch of the system as an optional add-on to DALiM PRiNTEMPO and DALiM MiSTRAL.
DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY offers unique visualization possibilities for the reader, along with dynamic content possibilities for the publisher. Once a magazine has been planned using DALiM MiSTRAL, a virtual representation of the publication is available using DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY for a more realistic proofing experience. All publications available for viewing are presented using a very simple to use, yet stunning, visual interface. Each publisher can display its own virtual library of magazines, with cover pages available for view-almost as if they were all on a magazine shelf. Metadata can be streamed automatically from DALiM MiSTRAL-categories such as titles, and editorial or ad pages.
The software gives readers the experience that they are truly leafing through a magazine. As a reader 'scrolls' through the pages, the pages curl and turn faster, giving the sense that a reader can almost touch the pages. Just as important, every page of the magazine is dynamically linked to work being done in DALiM MiSTRAL. If a page is completed, approved-or just changed-it is reflected in the magazine immediately in DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY.
The benefits are two-fold. For publishers, it provides a realistic view of a magazine for approval, even as pages are updated. Because Dalim Software-equipped service providers can create electronic documents directly from within their production workflows, publishers, agencies and brand owners can instantly take advantage of accessing, downloading and storing their virtual products for immediate or later use, ranging from reading to web repurposing. For readers, it provides a newfound wealth of information. As they select magazines to read from the 'shelf', content on the page can include embedded links and interactive features. The experience truly pushes content from the publisher to the reader.
DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY is seamlessly integrated into Dalim Software's web-based production environments, and its platform independence makes it available on Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.
UPM and DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY partnership
Dalim Software and UPM, one of the world's leading forest products groups with core businesses in printing papers, specialty papers, label materials and wood products have partnered to develop DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY further to be used as a tool in UPM's paper sales.
The DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY will allow UPM to demonstrate the realistic effect of different paper grades to its customers. DALiM ViRTUAL LiBRARY will be able to, seamlessly and accurately, simulate the different paper stocks, including the effects of whiteness, see-through and opacity, in real time.

Adobe PDF Print Engine on board
Dalim Software is working with Adobe Systems Inc. to implement the Adobe PDF Print Engine into specific areas of its product line.
"Adobe Systems Inc. is excited to welcome Dalim Software's use of the Adobe PDF Print Engine in their workflow applications. This will ensure consistency and performance of industry standard PDF content handling, regardless of the media chosen," comments Shafath Syed - Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems Inc.
"Dalim Software has a tremendous heritage of introducing cutting-edge print production software, while maintaining a respect for open standards. It started with our ability to exchange proprietary file formats such as Crosfield, HELL and Scitex CT/LW, moved to PDF file editing, and has progressed where we are a leader in the development of JDF protocols," explains Carol Werlé, Dalim Software CEO. "Our company views it as an obligation to maintain our reputation as a technology leader of innovative solutions, building on today's standards and providing the technology direction for tomorrow. We continue to forge partnerships with vendor companies to provide some of the most progressive automated print production systems. It only makes sense that, at an international exposition such as Drupa, we continue to help customers effectively complete challenging print production projects for well-known global brands. And, the publication of a tremendous number of magazines worldwide is supported by the use of our solutions. Dalim Software solutions flourish in major publishing, packaging, repro, and prepress companies worldwide. With the new solutions we expect to introduce at Drupa, we look forward to working with them for years to come."




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