Press-Sense Announces Agreement With Print-On-Demand Solutions, Providers Of Creo Color Servers

Friday, October 20, 2006

CHICAGO -- October 19, 2006 -- At the 2006 Graph Expo and Converting Expo, Press-sense announced a partnership with Print On-Demand Solutions group to integrate the KODAK Darwin Designer software and the Web Composition Solution (WCS) into the Press-sense iWay web-to-print offering. Using a module called Press-sense iWay Advanced VDP, customers can choose a VDP (variable data printing) tool that best meets their production requirements within the Press-sense iWay web-to-print workflow. The announcement will enable Press-sense customers to use Darwin Designer software and WCS to create, design, order, and fulfill rich VDP campaigns with an unlimited number of VI (variable information) elements of any type within the Press-sense iWay ordering and fulfillment process. At the show, Press-sense exhibited in booth #5427. For more information about Press-sense and their solutions, please visit www.press-sense.com. Press-sense Quote “With Press-sense iWay Advanced VDP, users can produce powerfully-personalized, visually-rich one-to-one communications that gain each target individual’s attention resulting in significantly higher returns for direct marketing programs,” noted Elly Perets, V.P. Sales of Press-sense. “By providing an interface from Press-sense iWay to the Web Composition Solution, and leveraging the popularity of Darwin Designer software, we dramatically enhance our customers' abilities to make VDP more available and easy to order. As a result, they can promote direct marketing jobs, and increase business by providing end-to-end solutions tailored to different vertical markets.” Print On-Demand Solutions Quote “The strength of the Web Composition Solution is not only in its core technology but also in its easy integration with existing web-enabled systems. The power of the web, combined with the growing need for vertical, customized and personalized marketing makes the new technology a perfect platform for a variety of sophisticated applications. We are proud to partner with Press-sense iWay, the leading storefront application, and we are happy they chose WCS as their technology infrastructure for the advanced VDP module. The integration with Press-sense iWay was smooth, easy, and very powerful making Press-sense iWay a robust fully-automated VDP solution addressing multiple market needs" noted Gershon Alon, Director, On-Demand Applications, Print On-Demand Solutions group. How does it work? Press-sense iWay customers who purchase the Advanced VDP module will be able to create VDP templates in Darwin Designer, a free-of-charge, user-friendly tool that makes it simple to create advanced VDP templates where any element can be dynamic. These templates are uploaded to the Press-sense iWay, within a transparent integration to the WCS composition engine on the back-end, and used as regular templates. The ordering process is designed to be simple. Customers, no matter where they are, can easily log into Press-sense iWay, choose a template, upload a data file or fill out an online form. WCS transparently composes a production-ready VDP file, proofs it, and then submits it to print. Press-sense iWay Advanced VDP Module The module offers iWay customers all the advantages of the Darwin VI authoring tool, such as insertion of business logic into the VI, creation of templates for complex 1:1 marketing campaigns, and quick and easy combinations of many variations of variable elements (text, graphics, charts, colors, layouts, barcodes, backgrounds, and even entire pages). Press-sense iWay Advanced VDP supports all industry output formats such as PS, PDF, PPML, VPS, VIPP and VDX, enabling high optimization and production efficiency, regardless of the print controller or digital press. The combination of Darwin, Press-sense iWay and WCS, offers customers an ideal end-to-end direct marketing creation and ordering solution. Darwin VI Authoring Tool Darwin is a robust VDP application for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. As professional software that optimizes the process of merging variable data with a design, Darwin enables the creation of full-color personalized postcards, coupons, newsletters, proposals, and more, completely customized for each recipient. Darwin’s easy-to-use workflow and automated features enable users to produce complex 1:1 marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently without breaking budgets. The award-winning VI authoring tool enables the creation of VDP templates while simplifying direct marketing ordering and fulfillment. The combination of powerful Darwin template preparation and Press-sense iWay data processing will offer enhanced business logic behind the templates, increase the options for direct campaigns, enhance workflow capabilities, provide seamless integration for users and allow user to achieve high-quality prints with cutting-edge technologies. Availability The Press-sense iWay Advanced VDP module is scheduled to be available to Press-sense customers as early as Q4 2006.