e-LYNXX Corporation Improves Tools Designed to Centralize and Automate the Print Procurement Process

Friday, June 02, 2006

Chambersburg, PA May 30, 2006 -- In an ongoing effort to provide its clients with the best tool for print procurement, e-LYNXX Corporation has made improvements on printLYNXX, a web-based print procurement platform. The newly released version of printLYNXX provides additional facilities for management of electronic files, more powerful capabilities to search for past jobs and other information, and greater abilities to write and define specifications. Increased file management capabilities will allow printLYNXX users, both buyers and suppliers, to have more controlled and auditable access to files attached to a print job. “With more job materials being sent electronically, buyers need the ability to attach files directly to their printLYNXX jobs,” according to Kevin Long, Division President. “And files are not just added to a job, they become part of the printLYNXX job workflow, ensuring maximum control of file access and auditing. Embedded in this new version are additional virus scanning capabilities to make sure all parties are protected.” Long says the extended search capabilities provide additional functionality and convenience for printLYNXX users. Specific improvements allow for searching internally for other users by name or department within an organization. The other improvements streamline the process of creating, modifying, and publishing specification templates. In concert with the updated file attachment tools, artwork can be easily linked with a new or reordered print job. “Continual feedback between customer service and our clients provides the plan for future printLYNXX versions. This interaction between client, customer service, and product development is instrumental in project planning. printLYNXX 6.5 is testimony to that fact.” concludes Long.