Rochester Software Associates Showcases New Workflow Solutions at AIIM/On Demand

Friday, May 12, 2006

Rochester, NY, May 11, 2006 – Rochester Software Associates, Inc. will be demonstrating a host of new products at AIIM / On Demand in Philadelphia, May 16th to 18th in Booth #3049 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. WebCRD, RSA’s online ordering and print job fulfillment/production management application, has undergone some major enhancements. WebCRD 6.0 sports an updated ordering interface that dramatically simplifies the ordering process: fewer clicks, with all the right options displayed on a single ordering screen for the user to quickly and easily make job ticket selections. Variable data workflows have also been enhanced in the latest WebCRD update. Variable data forms are designed with applications of the user’s choosing, and form fields are added to specify the variable data areas. Templates are made available to customers, who then can upload .csv files, interactively enter data, or access their WebCRD address book to create the desired results, which may be previewed on screen. Print-ready PDF files are sent to the Print Center, pre-ticketed and ready for output. AutoStock is being introduced at On Demand. This new module for WebCRDenables automated inventory tracking and reordering based on inventory level triggers. With the WebCRD AutoStock module, a closed-loop system of ordering and inventory management of orderable catalog items is enabled. As customer orders are placed, items are put on reserve. Fulfillment of WebCRD orders that include Finished Goods will automatically deduct from inventory, and alert the Finished Good material manager when items fall below target levels, ensuring that materials are available when needed. With WebCRD AutoStock, printers who manage combined POD and fulfillment operations can use one tool to host all ordering and fulfillment, ensuring a seamless experience for customers and production employees alike. “Several of our WebCRD customers are not only in the business of Print on Demand, but they are also responsible for fulfillment of stocked items and had to manage that inventory,” observed Tim Kelly, Senior Vice President at RSA. “Our customers were challenged trying to use multiple systems to track all the activity and the figures were never right – now AutoStock enables WebCRD as the one-stop shopping point for all orderable items in the catalog, and also as a single point of management for all orders entering the Print Center. The improvement in business process for our customers has been enormous with AutoStock.” Also being introduced at On Demand is Make Ready Integration for QDirect, or MRIQ. MRIQ adds value to Xerox FreeFlow Makeready environments by converting output to universal PostScript, suitable for multiple printer environments. Output is sent to QDirect, RSA’s Enterprise Output Manager, for complete accounting as well as job manipulation and routing. RSA will also be showing off their newly announced QDirect.SCAN solution. QDirect.SCAN enables a variety of Multi-Function Printers to submit hardcopy jobs to QDirect, with electronic ticketing, for job production and management. In addition to demonstrating these products in RSA’s booth, Ryan Kiley, RSA’s Director of Professional Services, and Dave Vanable, Director of WebCRD Business Development, will be speaking at several events throughout On Demand.