Eizo Introduces ColorEdge Series of LCD Monitors for the Graphics Market at CeBIT

Thursday, June 19, 2003

CeBIT America 2003 NEW YORK --June 18, 2003-- Today Eizo Nanao Technologies introduced the ColorEdge Series of LCD monitors for graphics and publishing professionals. This new series of flat panels provides accurate and consistent color performance (Windows and Macintosh platforms) with Eizo's new ColorNavigator calibration software and compatibility with the GretagMacbeth Eye-Oneā„¢ spectrophotometer. The first two models are the ColorEdge CG21, a 21.3-inch monitor with a 1600 x 1200 resolution and the ColorEdge CG18, an 18.1-inch monitor with a 1280 x 1024 resolution. Eizo is currently exhibiting both models at CeBIT America 2003 Booth 2842. The high level of accuracy CRT monitors deliver for color-critical applications has made them the product of choice for graphics professionals. Graphics professionals are eager to switch to flat panel technology, but have been reluctant because there have not been LCD products that satisfy their color reproduction and color management requirements. The ColorEdge Series specifically addresses these concerns and provides a stable color control environment. Factory Adjustment of Gamma Values Accurate gamma values for each color (R, G, B) are necessary for the proper display of color. To ensure that each ColorEdge monitor produces the most accurate and consistent color gradations possible, Eizo carefully measures and sets every shade of R, G, and B from 0 - 255 (by hand on the production line) with the monitor's 10-bit Look-Up Table (LUT), to produce a monitor gamma value of 2.2. The LUT can be adjusted to calculate values ranging from 1.8 (printing industry standard) up to 2.6. ColorNavigator Calibration Software This Eizo-developed software comes bundled with ColorEdge Series monitors and offers cross platform compatibility with Macintosh (9.2.2 and OS X) and Windows (2000 and XP) operating systems. When used with the GretagMacbeth Eye-One spectrophotometer (sold separately), users can make precision adjustments to monitor characteristics such as brightness, color temperature, and gamma. These values can be saved as a ColorSync or ICC profiles for use with other peripheral devices. ColorNavigator provides benefits not available with other calibration applications on the market such as hands-off calibration and utilization of the monitor's 10-bit LUT. Advanced IPS Panels These models employ advanced IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels that offer 170 degree viewing angles, 250 cd/m2 brightness, and 400:1 contrast ratios. This superior glass technology allows only minimal color shift when viewed from extreme angles. Auto Brightness Control An Eizo-patented circuit stabilizes brightness soon after startup (or from power save mode). Additionally, this circuit eliminates brightness fluctuation by detecting changes in the surrounding backlight temperatures and automatically adjusting the divergence to the brightness default setting or a user-defined level. Accessories i-Sound L2 - This sound unit offers dual speakers at 2 watts each and attaches directly to the bottom of the panel so not to increase the overall footprint. Panel Protectors - To prevent dust and scratches, Eizo's protection sheets fit right over the screen surface and leave minimal trace of implementation. Screen Administrator - In a network environment, this Eizo developed software allows system administrators to perform important setup and management tasks including confirmation of connection, asset management and on-screen messaging. Screen Administrator also prevents monitor theft by disabling any monitor improperly removed from the network. Pricing, Images and Availability ColorEdge CG18 MSRP: $1859 ColorEdge CG21 MSRP: $2899 High Resolution Photo - CG21 and CG18: http://www.Eizo.co.jp/welcome/press/pi/index.html Available Q3 2003 through Eizo's North American network of national distributors and regional service providers.