Agfa and PIA-GATF Team Up For Print IT! Campaign

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Ridgefield Park, NJ – March 3, 2003 – Agfa and the PIA-GATF want to make sure the world knows all about the power of print. In order to spread the word, Agfa has joined the PIA-GATF in their industry-wide campaign called “Print IT!” As the Founding Supplier Partner of the Print IT! campaign, Agfa’s mission is to help promote print’s strength in clearly and distinctively communicating thoughts and ideas better than other media options available. As a leading prepress equipment and service provider, Agfa recognizes the importance of an image awareness campaign for the printing industry. As such, Agfa has partnered with PIA-GATF to promote the campaign to printers and the graphic arts community, to help the health and strength of our industry. “Today, communicators have a variety of options available to them, but when it comes right down to it, it is hard to beat a well-printed document in getting the message properly conveyed,” said PIA president, Ray Roper. Print IT! is designed to raise the awareness of print as an integral part of the information technology segment of our society and emphasizes the value of print in everyday life, in such areas as education, trade, government and currency. The goal is to position print as the medium of choice when print buyers and brand marketers are considering the myriad of media options available. “With print, you get a medium that is not only tried-and-true but exciting and edgy, as well,” added Roper. “With today’s printer having access to the latest imaging technologies, printed materials are delivered faster, more economically and with higher quality than ever before.” Printed materials can take many forms – from something as simple as a postcard to a large format advertisement wrapped to fit a double-decker bus -- making print one of the most effective communication tools available today.” “It is somewhat ironic that while print has been around for centuries, today’s printer must know at least 13 different types of software and be able to operate complicated equipment that tie together math, art, science and electronics mastery in a single machine,” said Robert Stabler, Graphic Systems president, North America. “Our job as partners with the printing industry is to continue bringing these state-of-the-art tools to every printer, regardless of the size or nature of their business, and make these tools easy and economical for them to utilize and profit from.” The campaign encourages the nation’s 46,000 printers to use various Print IT! tools to promote print as the preferred medium. The Print IT! theme is designed to appeal to all printing segments such as commercial, book, flexographic, and more. When there is something to communicate, educate or promote, the first response to the question of how to reach an audience should be to Print IT! To help printers communicate the Print IT! message, PIA-GATF has developed promotional items which include advertisements that printers can use to market their businesses. Special signage, decals and other items such as T-shirts and hats are available with the Print IT! logo. Proceeds from the sale of Print IT! related products go toward the promotion of the campaign. For more information, go to http://www.gain.net/printIT/main.html.