Mimeo Selects Salesforce.com for Online Customer Relationship Management

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO- Jan. 27, 2003-- Salesforce.com, the market leader in online customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Mimeo, an innovative online document production service, has standardized on salesforce.com Professional Edition. Salesforce.com's online CRM solution provides Mimeo with pipeline management and forecasting capabilities, helping impose order and predictability on its high-volume business. Mimeo personnel can easily access a comprehensive view of all customer information and activities through an intuitive browser-based interface. Remote employees are freed from synchronization hassles, a key factor in the company's decision to implement salesforce.com over client/server software from SalesLogix, a subsidiary of The Sage Group plc (London:SGE.L). "In order to meet revenue growth targets, we needed to gain control of a transaction-based business that seemed impossible to predict," said Bethany Bolling, vice president of sales at Mimeo. "Salesforce.com freed us from worrying about software -- implementation, maintenance and upgrades and the like -- and allowed us to focus on selling our product. Our 2002 revenue was nearly triple that of 2001 and part of that is due to salesforce.com's enabling us to focus on our customers and prospective customers." Using the Web to allow its customers to efficiently order and manage high-quality document production and delivery, Mimeo's business involves a large number of transactions. The company implemented salesforce.com's online CRM solution to meet its need for strong forecasting and pipeline management capabilities. Salesforce.com service partner Blue Wolf assisted in the implementation and provided Mimeo with comprehensive business process reengineering. Salesforce.com Professional Edition was up and running within six weeks of initial sales contact, and is already delivering significant benefit in terms of visibility and productivity increases. "Many people who have used SalesLogix in the past are deciding to go with salesforce.com this time around," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com. "Salesforce.com delivers immediately, without the large up-front costs or long implementations that characterize other CRM solutions." Driven by frustration with the costs and limitations of client/server implementations, companies are choosing salesforce.com over conventional CRM software. Given quick success with salesforce.com, usage is growing virally -- to more than 5,700 salesforce.com customers and 70,000 users worldwide -- as executives switch from enterprise software to online CRM success.