Metro Cards Go Green

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fairfield, New Jersey -- Metro card and transit pass manufacturers can now create a card that has anti-counterfeiting properties and is also environment-friendly with recyclable Holographic UniLustre. One hundred percent recyclable nonlaminated Holographic UniLustre is a unique film-free and foil-free metallized material made without harmful solvents, all of which contributes to source reduction and enables recycling. In addition, end users that choose Holographic UniLustre materials for their metro cards can specify that they be made from post-consumer waste, making them even more environment-friendly. Cards can also be manufactured with custom holographic images for even greater security and enhanced authentication ability. Security, strong aesthetics, and recyclability are features that have powerful consumer appeal.

"Cities and transit authorities can communicate an important message about environmental awareness to riders and the entire community with a recyclable card," says Joseph Funicelli, CEO and President, Unifoil Corporation. "A secure, attractive card that is also recyclable is good for business, consumers, and the environment."

Recyclable Holographic UniLustre materials are manufactured with a proprietary transfer-metallization process. Less energy and fewer materials are used to produce them, compared with alternative products. It's also less expensive to ship products made with Holographic UniLustre.