VR is the Solution to Coronavirus Impact on the Event Industry

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Newark, Del. – Trade shows and fairs get postponed or canceled in light of coronavirus. The ones that take courage to throw an actual event suffer revokes and low attendance rates. Thus, some organizers replace events with virtual shows, which are safe and productive during the pandemic.

Are virtual events successful?

The number of online trade shows and conferences grows with 150 virtual events taking place last six days. It is reported that over 2 thousand people attended such exhibitions and organizers report great engagement rates.

Trade show organizers are jumping in on a trend to move their events to online space. And Linlet is here to provide an easy and quick solution for those in a rush.

What is Linlet?

Linlet is a networking platform with tools for creating interactive booths (https://linlet.com/help/article/176-guide-to-your-first-vr-showroom), business cards (https://linlet.com/help/article/169-how-to-create-business-cards) and VR event (https://linlet.com/help/article/178-events-101-a-guide-for-organizers) features for your business. They are simple and useful for getting new clients and partners.

Virtual Reality without Headsets

Linlet Expo allows creating and viewing 3D booths without complexities. A virtual showroom is equivalent to a trade show stand that can display products and online catalogs. Businesses with 3D models of goods can also display them in VR inside a showroom for a more realistic experience.

A huge advantage of Linlet’s technology is that VR headsets aren’t required to view 3D scenes and objects. Everything works right on a computer, phone or tablet without any downloads or expensive specialty gadgets.


Networking is made easy through chats, business cards and virtual events. Additionally, companies can use their newsfeeds to connect with other event attendees and provide updates https://linlet.com/help/article/170-how-to-use-documents

Effective contact management

All exchanged contacts are saved automatically and can be exported for post-process. Business cards received by employees get added to the company database to ensure no key contacts get lost. https://linlet.com/help/article/171-how-do-company-employees-work 

Advantages of virtual trade shows

- Coronavirus-proof
- Versatile
- Economical
- Effective
- Interactive
- Affordable
- Easy to setup

Linlet https://linlet.com/ - networking platform created to support the global fight against the virus in the way we know the best. The key to overcoming the challenges of the pandemic is in the usage of new technologies like VR, online networking via online chats and video calls, sharing materials and documents online. We created a platform where any company can create an event, show their products and materials online without the risk of infection for their customers and partners. Join our platform to support the global economy and defeat Covid-2019.


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