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John Leininger on Pop Quiz: What Would Have Made This QR Code Use Better?:
Here are a few things I would add: 1. Test the trigger in the actual situation (how it is going to be delivered—an electronic image or print (you might find issues with the type of stock— gloss/dull/coated/uncoated/laminated) 2. Understand where th

Eddy Hagen on We lost Derek Kyte and Lucien De Schamphelaere:
I've met Lucien a few times, usually in the company of Frank. What surprised me the first time, at party where he was celebrated, is how interested he was in me as a person, in the organisation I worked for. Although he was at the center of the party

Robert Godwin on Guy Gecht's Advice to the Industry: Keep An Eye on Artificial Intelligence Developments:
Developers often remind us that software is never done. Neither is the evolution of artificial intelligence and algorithmic processes. Our imposition workflow achieves efficiencies in time and costs using machine learning, the practical application o

Kevin Keane on It’s Time to Lead with Data:
Excellent thoughts by all. a bit more whimsically, and perhaps a smidge ruefully too, I enjoyed reading in Printweek in the UK just prior to the end of the year holiday hubbub about this evocatively monikered firm: http://www.mortascreen.co.u

Cory Sawatzki on The Challenges of Managing Color in a Global Supply Chain at Canadian Tire Retail:
Great interview!! Good to see you again Angela, I hope they are treating you very well at Canadian Tire Retail.

Steven Rost on It’s Time to Lead with Data:
Dear Eddy Hagen and Barb, Allow me to introduce myself and my company; RightWayMail.com. When it comes to address quality, this is my specialty area in the Direct Mail industry and can tell you both that this issue of "Last Name First Name" can be

Cory Sawatzki on Finding a Niche with Your Print Business:
Always very insightful. Excellent work Jennifer.

Gerhard Maertterer on Finding a Niche with Your Print Business:
Jennifer, What you describe, is exactly the same way, how we found a new niche. In other words: Even with its many advantages, print has been left out of marketing automation as a channel. It is rarely included in the routine communication of mode

Joe Webb on Technology is Powerful Stuff: Grab On or Duck:
Just from a behavioral economics standpoint, if all of these things were true from a communicators perspective, they would be obvious to others who would be duplicating their successes. Yet, print volume continues to decline. There continues to be a

Eddy Hagen on Technology is Powerful Stuff: Grab On or Duck:
Digital indeed offers advantages, cycles are much shorter, you can be more agile, you can track the complete user journey. But it is not more difficult to get feedback from a printed ad campaign than from a digital campaign: just use the printed ad t

HARVEY LEVENSON on Industry Loses Icon as Dr. Zeke Prust Passes:
I am deeply saddened. One of my fondest recollections goes back to the mid-1980s when Zeke and I took six students (three for Arizona State University and three from Cal Poly) on a tour of the Northern Italy printing, publishing, and gravure press

Eddy Hagen on It’s Time to Lead with Data:
You're absolutely right Barb that there is a big opportunity here. There are still gaps to fill, e.g. data quality/data hygiëne. Just a few weeks ago I got TWO direct mail pieces from the same travel agency, one adressed to Eddy Hagen, the other to H

Jos Steutelings on Web-to-Print Solution Frustration :
Hi Steve, I was referring to 'the employee' which has difficulties using the full capability of the web-to-print solution e.g. fine-tuning the system in the backend. But one of the first W2P projects I was involved in failed because of the lack of

Jennifer Matt on EFI Connect 2017 Educational Sessions with Jennifer Matt:
Business Builder Interview: Execution with Print Software Enables Your Business to Profitably Scale Thurs, Jan 19 @ 9:30am – 10:30am This session will also air on Facebook LIVE https://www.facebook.com/EFIPrint/

Robert Godwin on Web-to-Print Solution Frustration :
" the vendor trained us on everything during the implementation and we forgot most of it, now when we go to do something, we're clueless." And does anyone still wonder why so many printers shuttered their business? This one actually made my stomach

Steve MacKenzie on Web-to-Print Solution Frustration :
Jos, When you mention problems with Web to Print software, are you referencing the Customer experience and frustration or are you referencing the Employees frustration with processing the order? Most cases that we have seen and experienced are al

Jos Steutelings on Web-to-Print Solution Frustration :
Could it be that (smaller) printers don't have enough resources or not the right profile of employees to dive into the matter? It's maybe a poor excuse but unfortunately in many cases the reality. Also production stress is sometimes a reason why

Jennifer Matt on Web-to-Print Solution Frustration :
Robert, Agreed AND the excuses I hear all too often are... - this software doesn't work like it did during the sales process - this software doesn't fit our business - we haven't got enough training from the vendor - the vendor trained us on

Robert Godwin on Third Media Wave May Trap Print Businesses :
“We're about 2 million full time jobs short." And perhaps the 'demand' for a fulltime job has reduced. The Gig economy has altered the notion of full employment. The inclusion of a single person holding multiple jobs as part of the jobs creation numb

Robert Godwin on Web-to-Print Solution Frustration :
Learning software and what it can do for your company is the responsibility of every employee that logs into the system. Some systems require formal training, SAP or Oracle for example. Others can be self-taught with a fairly high degree of competenc

Steve Anzalone on Steve Anzalone Joins Idealliance as a Partner in the Ideadvisors Business Advisory Group:
Thanks, Don. I appreciate your kind words!

Joe Webb on Frank's Chest of Gutenbergian Junk:
Hmmm... The NY Times said... “A smashing success! Scott Brown and Anthony King are superb comic writers." -The New York Times http://gutenbergthemusical.com/ It has a website. So it must be a GREAT musical. Perhaps it was an attempt much lik

Donald Goldman on Steve Anzalone Joins Idealliance as a Partner in the Ideadvisors Business Advisory Group:
Congrats Steve. From my experience with you Idealliance is getting a very forward, innovative experience leader. Good things will come out of this new relationship.

Dov Isaacs on Back to the Future of Print:
@NG - Thanks for the pointer (literally) to the 2001 book. Now all we need are the other four books.

NG Ptl on Back to the Future of Print:
@ Dov Isaacs - http://www.edsf.org/file_download/fe3f8b34-4450-43c1-848c-2d15158ecfc5

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