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David Straub on What to Expect at drupa 2016. Pack your bags!:
I just hope it is not the Benny Landa show with all the pomp and no delivery. after all those monies, four years later; NOTHING.

John Zarwan on The Road to Wideformat Commoditization:
billboards were commodities 20 years ago, and vehicle wraps 10 years ago... why should anything else be different?

Olivia Harbison on Business Goes Swimmingly for Digital Dye-Sublimation Printer:
Absolutely beautiful work, and great article... I'm one of those newer print shops mentioned, and I can appreciate Yeager's point. However, those cheaper inks and paper are what enable us ALL to compete with overseas clothing manufacturers. I don't

Mark McDermott on Frank Gets the Scoop on the PDF/VT Standard from CalPoly's Howard Vogl:
Two years after this article, and we are facing a reverse situation. Our NexPress printers, which used PPML/VDX markup PDFs, have been replaced by Xerox iGen printers, which prefer regular PDFs. This has left up with thousands of on-demand PDFs that

Ulises Grajales on Catalogs: The Power to Drive Sales:
Great article Barb!

Chuck Werninger on Sheetfed Inkjet Boosts Production for OneTouchPoint:
I've loved the VarioPrint platform for years and the PRISMAsync workflow is intuitive and easy to use. It sounds like an exciting product so I'd love to see and hear more about your i300 digital press! Is it as fast, reliable, productive and cost-e

John Henry on Idealliance and Epicomm Boards Approve Merger of Their Industry Associations:
The Board of NPOA wishes them the best of luck. Stronger associations benefit all printers and as the only group exclusively representing small printing company owners with the board made up of only owners, it is our hope we all prosper. John M.

Phil Brown on Acting Chairman Taub Outlines Postal Service Challenges in PRC Testimony to Senate Committee:
Here Are Ten Reasons You Should Thank The USPS http://wp.me/p41ooi-q5

Werner Rebsamen on Frank on QR Codes and Ad Blocking:
Old folks travels - on his last trip around the World, Frank, of all the passengers, was the youngest! I wonder if this is still the case.

Joe Webb on EFI Connect Attendees Gain Insights from Steve Wynn Keynote:
My favorite Steve Wynn item -- the commercial he did with Frank (no, not our Frank) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx_mVM4wClA

Pat Barnum on Print Software Success Requires Collaboration at All Levels:
User groups can be a wonderful resource! I've been involved at various levels, including managing one, for over two decades. The ability to share with others best practices, tips and tricks, work arounds, and just providing empathy for frustrating "f

John Werner on Frank on QR Codes and Ad Blocking:
Frank is on his fourth Cunard around the world cruise, eventually reaching Europe and Drupa. What a nice way to avoid flying! John Werner

John Werner on Inkjet Ecosystems: Notes From EFI Connect 2016:
Seems to me Efi Arazi and Scitex long ago got its color separation start in textiles. John Werner

Davi de Avila Domingues on Revenues Go One Way, Profits Go the Other:
Once again, small is beautiful.

John Werner on Gecht and Wynn at EFI Connect: for Printers, the Ultimate Vegas Double Bill:
Very readable, very well writ, Patrick. Godspeed! John Werner, one-time publisher, GCW.

Dov Isaacs on Frank on QR Codes and Ad Blocking:
Oh, and by the way, Frank is now on a ship on his way to drupa.

Dov Isaacs on Frank on QR Codes and Ad Blocking:
FWIW, there are several reasons why ad-blockers are so popular. The presence of ads themselves on web-sites is not the real problem. I contend that it is a combination of factors that turn us off to those ads: (1) Intrusive ads. This includes a

Jules Vansant on Frank on QR Codes and Ad Blocking:
Happy New Year Frank! I don't always agree with your thoughts but on this one... you nailed it! Patience is paying off for those who produce print & rode the financial wave well these past 8 years. Understanding the integration of print, mobile &

John Zarwan on Recession Fears and Other Media Ramblings:
Warren Buffett doesn't believe corporate tax rates make a difference. Of course he structures every acquisition and investment to minimize Berkshire's taxes -- to the point he won't do the deal.

Ulises Grajales on Direct Mail’s Integral Role in the Marketing Mix: A Direct Marketer’s Perspective:
Great article that sheds light on the continued, but changing value of print in today's market.

Linda Bishop on Direct Mail’s Integral Role in the Marketing Mix: A Direct Marketer’s Perspective:
Excellent article--reminding me once more why Barb is one of the industry experts who continually get me to rethink what I do.

Joe Webb on Chatbooks Drives Print Demand Using Digital Content, Frank Comments:
I forgot that Frank said memory books would be big :)

Stan Najmr on Dr. Joe Recommends: Finding International Economic Data:
Thank you, Kyl. Our job is to challenge these data points with reality checks based on local factors which are never understood or, in many countries, wishfully massaged by overly optimistic governments or government controlled agencies. The United S

Kyl Reb on Dr. Joe Recommends: Finding International Economic Data:
Hi Stan, Let me address your comment. The Morethanbrics disclaimer clearly states that the data comes from unbiased World Bank sources which Morethanbrics ?a one-man show blog without financial interest? aggregates, arranges, and cleans up. They d

Stan Najmr on Dr. Joe Recommends: Finding International Economic Data:
I recommend an extra caution when using www.morethanbrics.com data. I found it highly unreliable when it comes to markets controlled by governments. Reprinting wish lists without a reality check is not very helpful.

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