Articles by Chris Bondy, Wayne Peterson, and Dr. Joe Webb

The authors are the founding principals of UnSquaring the Wheel Corporation, an educational non-profit, and the authors of UnSquaring the Wheel: Comprehensive and Scalable Transformation, which was published in September 2015 and distributed by RIT Press.

Chris Bondy is the Gannett Distinguished Professor in the School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.  He also serves as Principal of Quest Consulting Solutions, LLC.  Chris has over 30 years’ experience in printing and direct marketing leading operations and research and development. He is an industry consultant, trainer/speaker with expertise in workflow, strategy and technology.

Wayne Peterson is the Principal of the Black Canyon Consulting Group Inc.  Wayne’s 30-year career in Graphic Communications has included C-level assignments four times, and leadership roles in marketing and business development.  He founded the Black Canyon Consulting Group in 2008, and he serves as a fractional executive for most of his clients.  Wayne currently serves as EVP / COO for The Lane Press in Burlington Vermont.

Dr. Joe Webb is one of the graphic arts industry's best-known consultants, forecasters, and commentators, and director of WhatTheyThink's Economics and Research Center. He is a 35+ year veteran of the graphic arts industries. He is also the co-author with Richard Romano of several books, including Renewing the Printing Industry, Disrupting the Future, Getting Business, and This Point Forward.

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The Decline and Fall of Marketing

Published October 19, 2016

Marketing is getting pushed out of the boardroom and strategies built around customers are going with it. It’s a self-inflicted banishment, and marketers – including many CMO’s – are worried about it. For Graphic Communication firms, this presents a two-fold challenge and opportunity.