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WhatTheyThink Editorial and Full Disclosure Policy

Many are aware of our mission to bring diverse, unbiased and balanced content to our members. However, we created this page to clearly state our editorial policy for your review. This policy covers the Free and Premium Content at WhatTheyThink.com

Free Content:

Our free content consists mostly of news articles. Our goal with news coverage is to track the history of the industry and deposit these articles into our archive for future reference by our members. This means we will publish most press releases sent to us by any organization - if it is related to printing and publishing. This policy has many advantages, the greatest being that we do not have to determine what is important or not important for our members. Also, by publishing all industry news, we avoid any perception of favoring or ignoring certain suppliers based on who is advertising at this site. (see additional advertising policies below).

News stories published at WhatTheyThink.com are written by company officials and sent to us by various company sources and methods. From time to time, we write original news articles and these will be clearly marked.

Premium Content

Premium content is for Premium Membership holders and consists of Research, Interviews, Special Reports and commentary by qualified industry experts.

For the most part, Premium content features are issue or news related versus planned editorial around traditional topics like finishing, workflow, web presses, etc. Again, we use site statistics and when certain companies, topics or themes are highly visited by members within our news coverage, we commission premium content features from our contributors.

(For example: If ABC Company’s news releases are very popular based on site statistics, we will pursue an interview with ABC’s top executive or a special report about that company.)

- Sponsorships from leading industry suppliers are very important to this site. However, there are no implied or written agreements to provide any interviews, special reports, research or articles about these companies. Additionally, there are no discussions with our contributing writers as it relates to advertisers.

- We believe in distinguishing our editorial content through design and placement -- from paid promotional information and other non-news. Sponsorships will be clearly labeled.

- All premium or original content - like Interviews, Research, eXpert Row articles and Special Reports will carry the WhatTheyThink FULL DISCLOSURE statement. This statement will let the reader know about any current relationship an author may have with companies mentioned in their article.

- If mistakes occur, they are corrected promptly and displayed as prominently as the original story appeared in keeping with the wishes of the named organization.

- Contributing writers, already deemed qualified by WhatTheyThink, will not be hindered when presenting their opinions on various topics. If a company or individual named in an article disagrees with the opinions expressed by one of our writers, we will publish their response within reason and length.

No policy can cover every single situation, but this policy is at least a guideline that you can refer to about our content. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us.

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